Kirby And The Forgotten Land: How To Fit Through All Holes Using Mouthful Modes In Alivel Mall (Staff Side)

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  • Hole 4 (Circle 2)
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  • Hole 6 (Triangle 2)

In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, our pink hero is just trying to fit in. But, unlike humans who want to fit into social groups and feel accepted, Kirby just wants to fit into various holes in crumbling walls at an abandoned mall. We all have different self-fulfillment needs.

In the Alivel Mall (Staff Side) level, part of the Originull Wasteland region, there are six holes that Kirby needs to hop into to complete the "Fit through all holes using Mouthful Modes" secret objective. Some of these are necessary to complete the level, while others hide optional Waddle Dees and coins that you will need to find if you're aiming for 100 percent completion.

Hole 1 (Triangle)

Once you emerge from the darkly lit room where ghosts appear to attack you, you will exit into a slightly brighter room with some wolf enemies. If you walk slightly to the right, you will see a triangular hole in the wall. Instead, head left and you will see a large ice cream cone protected by a sword-wielding enemy. Defeat the enemy and grab the small ice cream cone on the nearby table if you need the HP.

Then, go mouthful mode on the cone and head back to the hole in the wall (breaking the metal crates as you go to get a big red coin and some small coins). This will cause enemies to appear which you can defeat easily by spiking downward. Hop into the hole in the wall and Kirby will destroy the wall.

Hole 2 (Circle)

After breaking the wall, you will enter a room with masked ghosts and a spinning Pac-Man-shaped platform adjacent to a circular hole in the wall. Move through the room to reach the exit, defeating enemies as you go. Suck up the floating enemy to gain the bomb copy ability then exit the room. You should see a breakable wall with a bomb symbol on your right.

Throw an explosive at it, and go mouthful mode on the metal ring within. Return to the Pac-Man-shaped platform and hop into the hole. This will reveal a room with coins and a caged Waddle Dee.

Hole 3 (Rectangle)

Continue rightward in the area where you found the ring and you will pass a rectangular hole in the wall. Keep going and you will pass over a glass section of the floor where you can see a vending machine below.

Copy the sword enemy's ability and cut the rope to lower the platform. Drop down and absorb the vending machine. There is a wall of cardboard boxes behind it, which you can break through if you want to collect a figure capsule.

If not, head over to the blue glowing platform on the left side of the screen and you will be teleported up a level. Defeat the mummy enemies that surround you and jump over to the hole in the wall to reveal a hidden Waddle Dee.

Hole 4 (Circle 2)

Continue until you reach an area with multiple enemies, including a hammer-throwing monkey, and a big hole in the ground. Absorb the monkey's ability and return to the area where there is a circular clock on the wall on one side, and a hammer nub on the other. Hit the nub to make the clock fall, then go mouthful mode on the clock.

Once you have the clock mouthful mode ability, you can head left and blow a heap of dust off of a partially visible treasure chest to rescue a Waddle Dee (the other dust pile in the area hides a figure capsule).

After that, head right to return to the area with the hammer-throwing monkey, and ride the four-armed pinwheel platform to reach the pink hedgehog. Defeat it and hop into the hole to reveal a room with a water spout.

Hole 5 (Big Hole In The Ground)

Go mouthful mode on the water spout and ride the four-armed pinwheel platform back to the big hole in the ground. Jump into the hole to burst into a hidden dining room below where peaceful enemies are enjoying some snacks.

Here you'll find a Waddle Dee in a cage, which you can rescue. Do so, then use the blue platform to return to the floor above.

Hole 6 (Triangle 2)

Back on the main level, head across the four-armed pinwheel platforms until you reach the ice cream cone by a rainbow sign on the left. Go mouthful mode on it, then defeat the pink hedgehog that appears.

Climb up on the awning at the far end of the room and hop into the triangular hole, revealing the three caged Waddle Dees at the finish. You should get a notification alerting you that you have completed the "Fit through all holes using Mouthful Modes" secret objective. If you do, rescue the Waddle Dees and exit the level.

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