'Kirby Fighters 2' Is Your 'Super Smash Bros.' Alternative

After seemingly leaking its release, Nintendo has officially made Kirby Fighters 2 available for the Switch.

As a fighting game, Kirby Fighters 2 largely resembles the Super Smash Bros. franchise — especially since its developer HAL Laboratory was also responsible for early Smash titles. Selecting various versions of Kirby as your character, you’ll fight against foes in a 2D setting with various platforming elements popping around the levels, such as floating platforms and different obstacles. Up to four players can fight against each other at the same time, during which an array of items will be available for you to use, including food for power-ups and bombs for area-of-effect damage.

Much like Nintendo’s other massively-popular fighting game, boxes also fall from the sky, allowing you to unlock even more powerful items to use or just throw at your enemies. As expected, the last man standing wins. Of course, more than just a re-skinned Super Smash BrosKirby Fighters 2 will feature a ton of nods to its own franchise too, including characters and stages that harken back to previous Kirby titles.

To learn more about the game or purchase it for $20 USD, you can head over to Nintendo’s website.

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