Labyrinth Of Galleria: The Moon Society – How To Defeat Lion Marquis

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Even though Labyrinth Of Galleria: the Moon Society starts easy, you may face challenges as you fight enemies and continue through the game. Not only will you run into powerful monsters, but you’ll need to tackle intense boss fights, such as the Lion Marquis, while you go through.

The boss may catch you off-guard the first time you face it due to the powerful attacks. Instead of expecting it to play out alright, you must create a strategy to survive its moves and help your team survive. While it takes time to do correctly, you’ll make the fight more manageable, so you can find more Curios d’arte.

Once you defeat the Lion Marquis, you'll get a new set of Witch Petitions, which includes the secret class, the Gothic Coppelia.


Once you explore the rest of the dungeon and activate the switches, you’ll gain access to the Lion Marquis. The monster is a direct line from the entrance through multiple doors, so don’t make contact with that red event point until you're prepared. Doing so involves a few steps to ensure you have everything you need for the fight.

  • Have an entire party of five pacts with more characters when possible.
  • Get your party to level 30 at least, though you’ll make it easier with your members at 35.
  • Don’t use RP before the fight to strengthen your teammates during challenging moments.

Classes And Pacts

Since you’ll want a whole party, ensure you pick your pacts and assign your party members to them. You’ll want to remember crucial points, such as weapon synergy and whether you want them in the Vanguard or Rearguard. If you want general guidelines with classes and pacts, utilize the following setup to make the fight easier.




Why It Works

Witch Squad

Peer Fortress and Aster Crow


They can draw most of the aggro while having solid defensive stats. They won’t go down quickly, and since the Lion Marquis deals physical damage, they’ll survive.


Theatrical Star, Rapid Venator, and Famyu Seeker


They work as your healers and support group, so you’ll want them to stay alive and not draw attention. Also, all the members must be female to join the Gossip pact.

Witch Troop

Wonder Corsair and Shinomashira


You need solid damage dealers, making this group ideal for the position. Since they can apply self-buffs, they’ll efficiently deal thousands of damage in a single turn.


Magia Maid


You can deal consistent damage with your Mage while the Witch Troop prepares their turns.


Famyu Seeker or Theatrical Star


You’ll mostly use this one to heal your teammates in a tight situation, so have them play it safe and stay alive to provide the most value possible to your team.

Feel free to switch the Mage and Healer pacts for other damage and support pacts based on your needs.

Add more characters to the back section of your pacts. Even though they won’t fight in combat, they’ll benefit your team and get experience.

Formations And Reinforce

Before you go to that battle, ensure you have the following Formations and Reinforce abilities to help you during the fight.

  • Reinforce Offense: Give your puppets a quick power boost right before they use a powerful attack.
  • Reinforce Defense: Keep those low on health alive long enough for another pact to heal them.
  • Reinforce Haste or Reinforce Tactics: You can’t use them simultaneously. Haste lets your party act sooner, while Tactics shows you the turn order, so choose whichever you prefer.
  • Donum Attack: You’ll use this formation the most. It boosts your Attack and Donum Attack, so your two main damage dealers will multiply their damage.
  • Decoy: Switch to this one if your other party members run low on health, so you’ll draw more attention to your Peer Fortress and Aster Crow.
  • Convoy: Use it if your Witch Troop runs low on health to keep them alive.
  • All-out Attack: Pick it as a last resort if you’re close to winning but running low on DP.

The Fight

Once you feel ready to fight the boss, you can utilize some strategies to give you an advantage.

The First Turn

Since you haven’t had anything happen, you can utilize a set strategy to put yourself in the right position as soon as you start the fight.

  • Use Reinforce Tactics or Speed immediately.
  • Cast Gatekeeper’s Proof with the Witch Squad.
  • Have Gossip use Battle Cheer Dance on the Witch Troop.
  • Use Heart of Wisdom with the Witch Troop.
  • Have your mage cast spells.
  • Defend with your Healer, so they’ll survive a potential attack.

This setup will give you an advantage by showing you the enemy’s attacks while having your teammates buff each other before they need to heal. You don’t want the Healer to go down during the first turn before the Witch Squad can draw aggro, so you’ll want to play it safe with them.

Prioritizing The Next Turns

The battle will play out differently each time since multiple factors impact turns, such as whom the boss targets and your party members’ charm levels. As such, you can keep a priority list in mind to get a sense of what you should have each pact do during the fight.


Prioritized Action

Second Priority

Third Priority

Witch Squad

Draw aggro if you have Gatekeeper's Proof.

Heal your teammates.

Attack or defend.


Use your Secret Crest to summon.

Cast Delicious Snack to heal the Vanguard.

Either attack, defend, or use Battle Cheer Dance on the Witch Troop.

Witch Troop

Use Enhance Attack on yourself.

Attack the enemy.

Defend and use Vanguard Heal as needed.


Activate your Secret Crest to get a free spell cast whenever it's available.

Cast a spell.

Attack or defend.


Heal your teammates.

Attack if you run out of DP.

Defend to stay alive.

Use Your Reinforce Abilities During The Second Half

While you may feel tempted to use your Reinforce during the start of the fight, the boss will pick up speed and become more challenging as you get farther into the fight. You can keep it simple by holding onto your Reinforce to utilize stat boosts and help your team succeed. From there, you should use the two main Reinforce Abilities accordingly.

  • Activate Reinforce Attack whenever you attack with the Shinomashira or Wonder Corsair. They deal good damage, so you’ll want to maximize it during their turns. Since a Shinomashira can efficiently deal thousands of damage in a single hit, you’ll get the most out of your Reinforce by using it on them.
  • Use Reinforce Defense if anyone on your team ends up below half-health. The Lion Marquis can quickly take someone out with a single attack, so you’ll want to use it on them while also having them use Fortify Coven to maximize their defenses.

General Tips

Even if you follow the game plan, you’ll face moments where you must think on your feet and react accordingly. Keep these tips in mind if you find the fight challenging to complete.

  • Always save before you try, so you won’t lose any Silver.
  • Treat the battle like an endurance run. Focus on surviving rather than dealing as much damage as possible. Since it attacks four times in a turn, you can quickly lose a party member if you don’t play it patiently and carefully.
  • The boss only gives over 3,000 experience, so most of your party members won’t level up from the fight. Don’t be afraid to finish the fight with some members fainted since the experience won’t make much difference.
  • You can always lower the difficulty through a Witch Petition if you find the fight challenging. Create a separate save file to try the fight later if you want to focus on the story.
  • If you find too many people low on health, use a direct order to have puppets utilize healing items. This will cost Reinforce to use.

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