Laura Bailey Joins The Elder Scrolls Online As New Companion

Award-winning actor Laura Bailey of The Last of Us and The Legend of Vox Machina fame is joining The Elder Scrolls Online, lending her voice to Isobel Veloise. She's a brand-new companion that's coming as part of the High Isle expansion so, if you want Bailey to comment on your adventures and help you take down dragons, dremora, and draugr, now you can.

"She is honest, and she is kind, and she is deeply devoted to the values of knighthood," Bailey said of Isobel Veloise. "I think one of my favourite ways she was described to me when I first started recording her was that she's like that girl on your dorm floor that finds out you have alcohol in your room, and she would never turn you in for it, but she would definitely give you the side-eye and a lecture on why that's not the smartest idea."

Bailey goes on to say that Veloise is a Stendarr follower, lending to her good nature and kind heart—Stendarr, if you don't know, is the God of Righteous Might and Merciful Forbearance. We meet plenty of Vigilants of Stendarr in Skyrim who oppose all kinds of 'blasphemy' whether it's necromancy, vampirism, or Daedra worshipping. Veloise isn't that, but expect similar virtues to bleed through.

"She believes the world is what you make of it," Bailey said. "It's shaped by her choices and, because of that, she can leave the world better than she found it. These companion characters are so well-rounded—they feel alive. You spend time with them in the game and really get to see their personalities fully, and it creates this bond with your companion that's so important in this game."

If you don't know Bailey, she voiced Vex'ahlia in The Legend of Vox Machina, Abby in The Last of Us: Part 2, Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man, Lois Lane in Injustice, Lisa Jackson in Days Gone, and Fetch in Infamous to name a few.

There are two companions coming with High Isle, but if you opt to bring Bailey on your adventures, maybe keep the pillaging, stealing, and murder to a minimum—to say she won't be a fan is an understatement.

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