Leaker Claims Dragon Ball’s Beerus, Goku, And Vegeta Are Coming To Fortnite

The Fortnite crossover merry-go-round never ends, with The Mighty Thor joining the battle this season and a Transformers collab potentially coming soon. Optimus Prime and his Autobots might not be the only new additions to the island. A number of leaks are pointing to an upcoming Dragon Ball crossover event, with some big names making the jump on day one if it happens.

A number of known Fortnite leakers have been speculating that Dragon Ball's Beerus might well be added to Fortnite in the near future following this week's update. That was thanks to a purple skin in Fortnite's code which had been codenamed cat. Further digging appears to have revealed Beerus will be joined by Dragon Ball heavyweights Vegeta and Goku if and when the crossover happens.

That's according to MidaRado on Twitter whose claims have since been backed up by Shiina. What's more, Shiina says the three names listed above are “three of the four upcoming Dragon Ball skins” meaning if the discovery is a legitimate one, there's still one more Dragon Ball character to be discovered. Let the guessing begin on who that fourth character might be, but be quick. Epic usually reveals crossovers shortly after they're discovered by leakers, and there's even a chance the fourth skin has been leaked by the time you read this.

Epic regularly sends surveys to Fortnite players in an attempt to find out what collaborations they would like to see next. Dragon Ball is almost always listed, and it would appear anime fans have been responding in their droves. If Goku and co. do get in on the Fortnite fun, they will be joining a whole cast of characters from Naruto. Naruto has teamed up with Fortnite twice already, introducing a number of its characters to the island.

It's worth noting that not everything rumored to be coming to Fortnite actually makes it to the game. Another Stranger Things crossover was seemingly discovered last month, but nothing came of it. Family Guy fans are still waiting for that much-discussed Peter Griffin skin to land in the Fortnite store, but that still hasn't happened either. Don't go saving your V-Bucks for Vegeta just yet.

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