Left 4 Dead Wiki Imposter "Purple Francis" Now Has A Mod

The Left 4 Dead wiki was invaded recently by a strange character known as Purple Francis, a character who does not appear anywhere in the game. While some fans saw the humorous side to the creation of Purple Francis, others worked quickly to remove his nonsensical entries from the game’s lore. All traces of the ambiguous character may have been removed from the Left 4 Dead wiki, but Purple Francis lives on in an exclusive mod.

Purple Francis first appeared on the Left 4 Dead “The Survivors” wiki page, known to resemble the game’s legitimate character Francis with a “purple hue”. One user reported the character’s appearance as “vandalism”, with the purple protagonist receiving a lengthy article about his origins as well as references of him on other wiki pages. There were even details about how Valve removed the character from retail copies because of backlash from the community.

In addition to multiple fan art entries and an official Discord server dedicated to the character, Purple Francis now has a mod on Steam Workshop. Created by Bobinsox – one of the developers behind the game’s official The Last Stand community update – Francis’ purple alter-ego has now appeared in-game for the first time. One Left 4 Dead user commented that the mod made him look like “jelly” and Purple Francis could also get away with being the son of Ivan Ooze from Power Rangers.

Purple Francis was apparently created out of a joke between the wiki page’s original creator and her friend, which then extended into the game’s wiki pages. While their creation is amusing – adding a touch more humor to the game – some fans hate to have wiki pages messed with.

Wiki websites are built tirelessly by fans of the game who often treat entries as their second job. Grim Fandango designer Tim Schafer recently admitted that himself and other developers frequently lean on their game’s wiki pages for fact-checking. Schafer elaborated by emphasizing the important role they play in developing a sequel, therefore, fans aren’t the only ones who treat wikis as sacred databases.

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