Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All Crait Side Missions

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Crait is the planet seen in the finale of The Last Jedi. You know, the one with the red sand. It is also home to the Vulptice, a fox-like entity that looks like it could have come straight out of Final Fantasy. In Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga this planet is also home to a number of thrilling side missions.

Locate the missing vulptices hidden somewhere in the caves, gather a ton of vicious mynocks, and deliver them to an imperial commander as a “prank”, or just go TIE Fighter hunting in Crait Space. There is a lot to do here on Crait, and we are here to help guide you in your journey.


#Point Of Interest
1Commander D'Arcy
2Location of the vulptices
3Concerned Resistance Officer
5The ladder leading to the lower level of the Ewok Village
6The captured rebel rookie in Endor
7The captured rebel rookie In Jakku

The above maps should help you find every quest giver and notable location you will encounter while completing all of the side missions. We didn't provide a map of D’Qar as the mynocks are all highlighted by the quest marker, and appear in a set sequence. Just follow the quest markers and you will be able to find them all.

Canny Canid Evict

LocationCrait Outpost
RequirementProgress Through Episode VII – The Force Awakens
RewardCommander D'Arcy

Talk to Commander D’Arcy (she is the one howling in the back of the hanger). She will ask you to find the vulptices. From Commander D’Arcy, go through the tunnel on the left (assuming you are facing her). Once you reach the next chamber, keep heading straight. Now, you will enter a room that has a man with a quest marker above his head, take a left. In the next room look to your left once you enter, you will see a cracked door with vulptices peeking their heads out.

Interact with the door and Commander D’Arcy will come to your location. From here, all you have to do is switch to a Force using character and use your Jedi mind trick to influence one of the vulptices. Then, use the vulptice you are controlling to drag the blocks around and make a staircase to climb to the platform above. From there, just climb the stairs until you reach the top of the room. Push the block at the top forward and over the edge. Voila, you have completed this quest.

The box that was pushed over the ledge contains the pieces necessary to build a hand-hold that you can use to get into the vulptices’ room. Here, you can use a hero-class character to interact with the terminal, which will unlock a crate that contains the transporter ship.

It Was Several Traps

LocationCrait Outpost
RequirementYou must have already traveled to Crait – Crait Outpost, Endor – Ewok Village, and Jakku – Niima Outpost.
RewardKyber Bricks and Admiral Ackbar

From where you start in this area, go to your right. Climb the rocky outcrop to reach the Concerned Resistance Officer. He will tell you about three rookies who have gotten themselves captured. Accept the mission and open up your map. You will have to rescue a rookie from Endor, Jakku, and Crait. We’ll start with Endor.

Once you land in the Ewok Village, you will have to make your way down. Way down. There is a giant ladder south of where you start the stage; taking that down will get you most of the way there. Once you arrive at the quest marker, you will find the resistance rookie in a net dangling from the tree. Shoot him down. Now, head to the Niima Outpost in Jakku.

In Jakku, follow the quest marker until you reach a resistance rookie sitting in a hole (she isn't hard to find, it is essentially a straight shot if you just follow the quest marker). She wants you to bring her something to get her out of her predicament, but building stairs for her, or even bringing her a speeder bike, isn’t enough. What you need to do is take control of her using a Jedi. Use the influence mind trick and you will be able to get her out of the hole yourself. Now, you are off to Crait Space.

This section takes place in space. Fly to the quest marker and help the rookie fight off the First Order. Once you destroy all the enemy ships, you can interact with the rookie and clear the mission. You can now travel back to the base. Interact with the Concerned Resistance Officer and complete the side mission. Once you complete this side mission you will be rewarded with Kyber Bricks and the great Admiral Ackbar himself!

If you are currently using a villain-type character, it will mess with the mission. The TIE Fighters won’t appear as targets, instead, the rookie will. Don’t worry if you blow the rookie up doing this, they will reappear safe and sound.

First Order Of Business

LocationCrait Outpost
RequirementProgress Through Episode VII – The Force Awakens
RewardPraetorian Guard

In the room right next to the Concerned Resistance Officer, you can find R5-M2. He is concerned about the First Order and wants you to fly up into space and take out all the First Order ships surrounding Crait. So, fly into Crait Space, fly toward the quest marker, and take out all the First Order ships. Once you are finished wiping them out, you can return to the base, interact with R5-M2, and complete this very straightforward quest. This will earn you the Praetorian Guard character.

Mynock Knock

LocationCrait Space
RequirementProgress Through Episode VII – The Force Awakens
RewardCaptain Peavy

This is the lone mission located in Crait Space. To start the mission, approach Captain Peavy as a bounty hunter character. He will tell you that he needs you to locate some mynock.

Go to D’Qar and hunt the mynock. You are looking for five of them in total. Just follow the quest markers and look to the sky. You will be able to find the first four of them very easily. The fifth is tucked away, lying flat on the front of a building (so if you are looking for him in the sky, you may be a little confused). Once you snag him, you will have acquired all five.

Fly back to Crait Space. You will now need to switch to a scoundrel-type character. Peavy wants you to smuggle the mynocks onto another imperial ship. At this point, you will fly to Jakku. Once you arrive, a squadron of TIE Fighters will be waiting for you. Wipe them out. You will then do a lightspeed jump and fight another squadron. Once you take care of them, the process will repeat one more time.

After you beat the third squadron you will arrive in Jakku space. Look for the ship marked with a gold star. Track them down and give them the package. This will complete the quest (no need to go back and speak to Peavy). As a reward for all your hard work, you will now obtain the, uh, illustrious Captain Peavy. Yay?

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