Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All Kyber Bricks Locations In Dagobah

Once you finish the introduction of The Empire Strikes Back in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, you'll be able to explore the swampy planet of Dagobah, home to Jedi Master Yoda and a whole host of collectible Kyber Bricks. Kyber Bricks are hidden collectibles that allow you to upgrade various abilities throughout your adventure.

While Dagobah is on the smaller side compared to other planets in the game, that doesn't stop this map from being filled with hard-to-find collectibles tucked away in every corner. To collect every single brick, make sure you've progressed far enough into Episode VI and have access to a Jedi, villain, scavenger, and bounty hunter character. This guide will give you everything you need to find and reach the 15 Kyber Bricks in Dagobah.

How To Find And Reach Kyber Bricks

The following table will have the location of every Kyber Brick and an outline of how to complete the challenge to reach them. Dagobah is quite a vertical level so if you're struggling to see any of the bricks, just look up, there are plenty of trees.

Kyber CometEvery space location in the game has a Kyber Comet flying through, and Dagobah space is no different. Shoot it down and receive 5x bricks.
Welcome To Dagobah!As soon as you land, there'll be a Kyber Brick hiding just behind your ship. Simply run up to it.
Feeling Kinda FungiTurn right after the landing pad and you should find a Kyber Brick behind a wall of vines. First, break the machine spouting gas. You'll then have the option of building a new machine either on the left or right, it doesn't matter which you do first. Once you rebuild one of the machines, complete a quick obstacle course to pull up a layer of the vines. Break the machine again and build the opposite machine. Complete a second obstacle course and the Kyber Brick should now be reachable.
Into Exile, I Must GoOn the North-West side of the map, you'll find an abandoned ship. Eager-eyed fans may recognize it as the ship Yoda escaped with in a deleted scene from Episode III. Use a force-wielding character to open its door, then switch to a bounty hunter to shoot the golden container inside. The Kyber Brick will be waiting within.
Putting Down RootsOn the far West side of the map, you should find a giant tree with the Kyber Brick hovering below it. It's unreachable with any regular jump. Use the force to place a block directly under it, then use a double jump to reach the brick.
Cooking Up StumpsIn Yoda's Hut, a brick will be waiting for you on the second floor. You need to use the force to stack Yoda's stumps and cooking pot to reach it though. Yoda should look into getting some stairs.
One Yoda's TrashBehind Yoda's Hut, there'll be a golden crate with a Kyber Brick waiting inside. Switch to a bounty hunter character and shoot it open.
The Misty SwampIn front of Yoda's Hut, you'll notice a Kyber Brick hovering mid-air. Climb up the tree to the left until you're on the same level as the brick. Switch to a scavenger character – like an Ewok or Rey – build a glider and fly to the brick.
Luke What We Got HereHead to the Southside of the map next to the bog. There should be a crate that's only breakable using a villain's grenade. Use the leftover Lego bricks to build a latch. Switch to either a hero, bounty hunter, or astomech to pull the latch open, revealing the Kyber Brick.
Find A FootingRight next to the 'Luke What We Got Here' brick, you can find another inaccessible brick perched atop a tree. Find a branch hiding in the bushes to the left and use the force to reattach it to the tree. After that, simply swing off the branches, and voila! The brick is yours.
Swing From A Hairy VineAlso on the Southside of the map, you can find a tree with three blocks waiting at the roots. Use the force to stack them and jump onto the tree. After that, complete a small obstacle course that involves climbing and swinging off various other vines. There'll be a Kyber Brick waiting at the end.
Have A Nice DagobahIn the middle of the map, you should find a tree with a series of stumps leading up to a brick hovering in the air. You won't be able to reach it simply by jumping. Use a scavenger character to build a net launcher. Fire the net launcher at the points leading up to the brick, climb up and get it. You can also glide to this location from the 'Swing From A Hairy Vine' brick.
One With The ForceThere's a clearing just next to the tree from the 'Have A Nice Dagobah' brick. In this clearing, there'll be four structures with symbols that you can change using the force. Each of these structures has a different number of fireflies hovering above them and you may have already noticed similar structures hiding across the swamp. What you'll need to do is match the symbols in the clearing to the structures across the map. For example, the structure with one firefly should match the structure on the map with one firefly. If you're struggling, the order of the symbols is on the image above this table. You're welcome!
Timing TrainingJust left of the Dark Side Cave you'll find a Kyber Brick locked in a chest. To unlock it you need to stand on the four switches within three seconds. The timer starts once you stand on one switch, so make sure you know where they all our beforehand.
Treetop TributeAfter you collect the 'Timing Training' brick, head up the slope until you reach another vine. Climb up the side of the tree until you're faced with the Kyber Brick waiting on a branch. Swing, jump and there you have it!
Reflect And Learn'Reflect And Learn' is the hardest puzzle to solve on Dagobah. Once you've progressed far enough into Episode VI, return to the Dark Side Cave to take on this trial. The puzzle involves activating a series of lasers to disable force fields. Once you walk in, the first laser will activate, pointing to the room on the Northside of the cave. Use the force to place a reflector on the node, activating it. You can now turn the node and point the laser in different directions. Break the Lego boulder in between this room and the room to the East, then point the laser through the gap. This will activate the laser in the East room. Point the East Room laser at the force field closest to the entrance, revealing another reflector. Use the force to attach it to the node in the final room. This will allow you to point the East room laser at the node in the final room to activate its laser. Once active, point the laser at the last force field to reveal the Kyber Brick.

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