Life Is Strange Dev Dontnod Teases Big Announcement Coming Tomorrow

Dontnod Entertainment, the makers of both Life is Strange 1 & 2, Vampyr, Tell Me Why, and Remember Me, have been out of the limelight for some time. That might be why the French developer has decided now might be a good time to both remind us that it exists and that it’s still working on great narrative games.

"A little birdie told us that if you come back here tomorrow," wrote Dontnod on Twitter. "You'll see some news from us and maybe even get some clues as to what we've been working on!"

We know at least one of the games Dontnod is working on is Gerda: A Flame in Winter. Unlike most games about World War 2, Gerda has you play a Danish civilian living under Nazi rule. A preview earlier this month revealed a game that is largely a classic RPG, but one that tries to tie in things like increasing stats and hoarding potions to elements that make sense given the World War 2 story. In her preview, Stacey was unsure whether that makes a lot of sense given the obvious narrative drive behind Gerda, but Dontnod might reveal some changes in tomorrow's announcement.

Another game that we know Dontnod is working on comes from a financial statement earlier this year. VGC reports Dontnod has an action RPG called "Project 8" in the works and set to be published by Focus Entertainment. Dontnod is reportedly working on six total projects due out before 2025, which leaves four more games totally unaccounted for. And don’t forget the Life is Strange TV show that’s being developed by dj2 Entertainment and Amazon.

One thing for certain is if Dontnod is hosting its own presentation tomorrow, this likely means we won’t hear from them at Sony’s State of Play later this week, or at Summer Game Fest. Check back tomorrow to see what Dontnod has to say.

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