Life Is Strange: True Colours Is Out Now On Nintendo Switch

Life Is Strange: True Colors managed to make a big splash when it was released back in September of this year. Every other console got to experience this emotional rollercoaster ride and now Nintendo Switch owners will finally get their chance as well.

Starting today, the latest installment of Square Enix's sadness-simulation series will be available to purchase on the Nintendo Switch eshop. The game features a new protagonist named Alex Chen who goes looking for answers about her brother's death in the small Colorado town of Haven Springs. In typical Life Is Strange fashion, Alex also possesses a unique superpower that allows her to use her psychic empathy to read and change the emotions of the people she meets.

The game was exceptionally well-received by several critics and media outlets. It currently sits at 81 on Metacritic and has many positive reviews that have praised it for its excellent story-telling, music, and characters. Our own Jade King gave Life Is Strange: True Colors a very positive review awarding it a full five stars.

In addition to its critical success, True Colors is also up for a few awards at this year's edition of The Game Awards. It's currently nominated for the Best Narrative and Games For Impact categories. Erika Mori is also nominated for Best Performance for voicing the character of Alex Chen. You could make the argument that it deserved even more nominations, but at least it's getting some attention at the video game industry's Mountain Dew-sponsored equivalent of the Oscars.

As for the classic adventures of Max and Chloe, we're still due to get the Life Is Strange Remastered Collection on February 1, 2022. That package will contain a newly remastered version of the original Life Is Strange game along with its prequel, Life Is Strange: Before The Storm. That sounds like a great way to revisit those games, although considering the disaster that was the remastered collection of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, there is a solid reason to worry that we may see yet another botched release of remastered classics. We have our fingers crossed that the citizens of Arcadia Bay make it through the remastering process unscathed.

If you've been holding out on getting Life Is Strange: True Colors so you could play it on the Switch, now's the time to pull out your wallet and experience the heart-breaking journey of Alex Chen on the latest Nintendo handheld console.

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