Like A Dragon: Ishin Trooper Cards Will Be Optional

You won’t have to use Like A Dragon: Ishin’s Trooper Cards if you don’t want to. The expanded Trooper Cards from the original Ishin were recently revealed to provide Sakamoto Ryōma with additional combat powers in the main game, with the Elite Generals Trooper Card Bundle featuring cards based on celebrities and influencers. However, some fans found the new Trooper Card functionality to be a little too immersion-breaking for their tastes.

"We know customizing your experience is important and we're pleased to confirm you can disable blood and the numerical damage display via the in-game options," confirmed RGG Studio. "Also, by not selecting any Trooper Cards, you're able to fight without this particular feature."

Trooper Cards were present in the original 2014 release of Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin!, but only useable in the Battle Dungeon minigame. They also offered limited buffs in the original game, whereas the Trooper Cards in the remake will provide you with special abilities like wide-AOE sword swings of ranged energy blasts. They can also be leveled up to improve their power throughout the course of the game.

Besides offering Trooper Cards based on other Yakuza characters (Ichiban Kasuga being one of them), RGG Studio has also announced the Elite Generals Trooper Card Bundle, which will be available for free at launch. The bundle will include actor Rahul Kohli, AEW wrestler Kenny Omega, YouTuber and music composer Alex Moukala, Yakuza Twitch streamer Cohh Carnage, and cosplayer Vampy Bitme–all of whom will offer impressive special abilities that can be used in combat.

Yakuza games have often included pop culture references, but this is the first time they've included real-life celebrities. Ishin has also been seen as a more serious game for its historical narrative, making the inclusion of modern celebs a bit jarring. It seems critics have been satisfied with RGG's explanation that Trooper Cards won't be mandatory and you can simply play without them so long as you don't want to use their associated abilities.

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