Live A Live: Present Day – Best Order For Masaru’s Fights

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  • The Great Aja
  • Seishi Moribe
  • Namkiat
  • Jackie Iaukea
  • Tula Han
  • Max Morgan
  • Odie O'Bright

The Present Day chapter of Live A Live centers on the martial artist Masaru Takahara, who is determined to become the world's strongest fighter by learning the techniques of champions from around the globe. The chapter plays like a blend of a JRPG and a fighting game, and Masaru's strategy is combat is more methodical than the game's other protagonists.

The game allows you to challenge Masaru's opponents in any order, learning their techniques and expanding Masaru's repertoire with each fight. Since Masaru never actually levels up, the only way to become stronger is to learn your opponents' moves. Challenge them in the following order for best results.

The Great Aja

This high-flying luchador is an ideal starting opponent. He's vulnerable to kicks, allowing Masaru to deal heavy damage without the need to learn new techniques. Better yet, the moves you can learn from him boast some of the highest damage in Masaru's arsenal.

Learning Aja's techniques early gives you access to powerful attacks that can be used to escape a tough situation. By quickly finishing an enemy after learning their moves, you're at less risk of defeat. You can also quickly drop a foe if you're on the ropes, then restart the fight.

Seishi Moribe

Moribe is the master of Koppo, a Japanese martial art dating back as far back as the 16th century CE. His Celestial Palm inflicts a wide variety of debuffs, making it essential that Masaru learn the skill. Moribe also uses Fleetfoot, a flying kick that is useful at range.

In order to learn Fleetfoot, Masaru must be one tile away from Moribe. If you're too close or too far, Moribe will not be able to unleash the attack. Use Focus to keep your health up and shake off debuffs until you've learned both of the Koppo master's attacks, then retaliate with a Celestial Palm of your own.


Namkiat's Muay Thai attacks allow Masaru to deal damage from mid-range. The strategy for defeating Namkiat is almost identical to the one used against Seishi Moribe; just like Fleetfoot, you'll need to have one tile between you and the boss to learn Spiral Knee

Unlike the other bosses in this chapter, Namkiat tends to use basic attacks more often, so keep using Focus to stay healed until Namkiat unleashes both special moves. If you need to go in for a rematch, do so before fighting Tula Han; the grappling counterattacks you learn from him deal heavy damage to Namkiat, potentially finishing the boss before you have a chance to learn new techniques.

Jackie Iaukea

A master of sumo despite being denied the rank of yokozuna, Jackie has some of the most versatile moves that Masaru can learn. Once you've learned both his attacks – including a useful counter that will be essential in later fights – unleash the kicks you've learned from Moribe and Namkiat to quickly wear down Iaukea's HP.

Tula Han

Formerly a member of Spetznaz, the Soviet special forces, Tula Han uses dangerous counterattacks that can disable several of Masaru's techniques. Learning both of Han's moves is critical for defeating the chapter boss, which is why it's important that you don't fight Tula Han last. You don't get an opportunity for rematches against your final opponent, so fight Han as many times as needed to learn his attacks.

Once you've learned both of Tula Han's counters, you can simply use them against him in conjunction with the counter you learned from Jackie Iaukea. If your moves are disabled, just keep Focusing and eventually your counterattacks will defeat the boss. If you manage to avoid an attack and have your full suite of techniques, hit Tula Han with everything you have while the opportunity is there.

Max Morgan

The American pro wrestling star has some useful moves, but it's not a disaster if you miss either of them. Try to at least learn German Suplex for its ability to paralyze opponents.

Once you've learned German Suplex (and, ideally, Max Bomber), Max is easily finished with Aloha Slap, the wind-elemental move you learned from Jackie Iaukea.

Save to a different file before fighting your sixth and final opponent, whomever you choose. If you don't learn both of their attacks you won't get a chance for a rematch before facing the chapter boss, so loading and trying again is the only way to get a second chance.

Odie O'Bright

Once you've defeated all six champions at least once, you'll be immediately challenged by a rival fighter called Odie O'Bright. He's fairly slow compared to Masaru, but he can demolish you with one attack if you're not at full HP. Make sure that your health is as maximum and that your Focus buffs are active at all times throughout the battle.

Since you'll be spending a lot of time healing, your counterattacks will do much of the heavy lifting in terms of putting damage on Odie. Keep an eye on the boss's Charge Meter – if it's red, try to interrupt his move to buy yourself some time. The Great Aja's attacks deal the most damage overall, but always check your status before using them since they backfire if they miss. If your Accuracy is debuffed at all, use a safer move like Max Bomber, Spiral Knee, or Celestial Palm.

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