London-Based Educational Meetup to Hold Open University Event: VR for Good

If you happen to be in London, UK this week and you’re interested in the various applications of virtual reality (VR) outside of entertainment and videogames, then a newly formed Meetup group will be holding its second event tomorrow featuring the Open University and VRFocus’ VR Diversity Initiative (VRDI).

The Meetup group focuses on immersive technology in education, research and training, supported by Jisc, a UK non-profit organisation specialising in digital services and solutions for Higher Education, Further Education and Skills.

Taking place tomorrow will be an event dubbed ‘VR for Good’, with the Open University discussing its Virtual Inclusion project, how it has been received at schools attempting to promote social inclusion values, as well as efforts to tackle bullying of people from different backgrounds.

VRFocus’ own Kevin Joyce will be there to talk about VRDI, our long-running initiative which began back in 2017 as a means to offer support and workshops for underrepresented groups in media and technology, including women, LGBT, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic professionals who are either considering a career in the VR space or simply want to learn more. Joyce will highlight some of the interesting training opportunities out there that attendees could benefit from to get them skilled in XR.

Additionally, Kate Parkinson, co-founder of Also Known As, a storytelling, research and design studio that’s taking real stories and putting them in virtual worlds. She spent 15 years working as a journalist for some of the biggest news networks, covering violent conflicts from Syria and Iraq to Ukraine and the Central African Republic as a foreign correspondent.

Alongside fellow co-founder Aela Callan, Also Known As is currently working on an early prototype project called The Distance Between Us, which is being funded by Google’s Digital News Initiative and Innovate UK.

For those who would like to attend, please register your interest here. The VR for Good event will take place on Tuesday, 4th June at 6:30pm BST, finishing at 8:30 pm, located at Jisc, 15 Fetter Ln, Holborn, London, EC4A 1BW. For further updates on VRFocus’ VRDI events during the course of 2019, you know where to keep reading.

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