Ludwig Slaps Chessboxing Championship To A Close, Shatters Viewership Record

The popular streamer Ludwig recently slapped his chessboxing championship to a close, breaking his already impressive personal viewership record in the process. The event which involved no less than 18 content creators facing off in alternating rounds of boxing and either chess or Super Smash Bros. Melee managed to attract an audience of 2.9 million people.

The championship concluded with an interview for what was apparently meant to be the main event, Ludwig noting that he was “glad it wasn’t me” in the ring, fellow streamer Pointcrow asking “why didn’t you fight? This is your event.” The content creator Jerma then pulled Cdawg out of the crowd, challenging Ludwig to a somewhat tamer type of chessboxing that involved slaps instead of punches.

The content creators went about slapping each other to the best of their abilities, watching the timer slowly decrease during the various rounds of chess. This reached zero practically simultaneously for each one of the two streamers, but Cdawg somehow managed to be a fraction of a second faster than his rival competitor, making the final move in just the nick of time and ultimately winning the match, Ludwig squirming in his seat.

Ludwig wound up shattering his personal viewership record, the event peaking at well over 280,000 concurrent and 2.9 million total viewers, becoming his most watched stream ever. This had previously been set when Dream revealed his face earlier this year at 146,000 viewers.

The event also set the records for the most watched Super Smash Bros. Melee and the most watched chessboxing matches of all time. The previous chessboxing record was a match between the content creators Hurt Locker and Northern Powerhouse that managed to attract a total of 556,000 people back in 2020.

This of course comes in the wake of news that Ludwig has been given the award for Content Creator of the Year at The Game Awards in recognition of his recent achievements. Ludwig has managed to build up a strong community of fans and followers, becoming a powerful and highly influential voice among streamers. The other contestants were Karl Jacobs, Nibellion, Nobru, and QTCinderella.

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