Made in Chelsea star sells free PS5 for £1,200 as fans brand him ‘disrespectful'

Getting a free PS5 console from Sony would be a dream come true for most people, but apparently not reality star James Taylor, who claims to prefer the PS4.

Made in Chelsea and Instagram star James Taylor has bragged on social media that he was sent a free PlayStation 5 console by Sony but ended up selling it for a £1,200 profit.

He seems to have misjudged how that revelation might go down though and quickly took down his post after irate gamers criticised him for being ‘disrespectful’ and ‘in bad taste’.

Since Taylor drives a Ferrari and is apparently extremely wealthy you wouldn’t have thought he’d have to turn to being a scalper on eBay, or wherever he sold the console, but that’s apparently what happened.

His excuse is that he ‘didn’t like’ the PlayStation 5 and is going back to the PlayStation 4 but that seems pretty nonsensical, given the PlayStation 5 plays 99% of all PlayStation 4 games and the only possible difference he could object to is the new DualSense controller – which most people describe as being the best bit.

Mind you, his now deleted Instagram posts did refer to it as the ‘PlayingStation 5’, so it seems likely he’s not the world’s most hardcore gamer.

Online responses have been as you’d expect, with users on the ResetEra forum, where the Instagram post was first spotted by gamers, branded Taylor as a ‘massive douchebag’ and his bragging as a ‘in bad taste’ for all the thousands of UK fans that had been unable to get a PlayStation 5 during its launch week.

The current going rate for a PlayStation 5 on eBay is around £600 to £900 so it may be he’s lying about how much he sold the console for anyway. Unless one with his signature on is worth more than we realise.

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