Magic: The Gathering – The 10 Best Black Enchantments For Commander

The Commander format in Magic: The Gathering is one of its most popular. It is a singleton format, meaning you can only play one copy of a card in your 99-card deck (excluding basic lands) and your commander that is outside the main deck. As such, ways to add power and consistency to your deck are important.

Black cards tend to add the most consistency, with many cards offering ways to dig through your deck faster, if not searching out for a card you need directly. Black enchantments are very powerful, offering ways to ramp and draw and giving value for simply playing your deck.

10/10 Phyrexian Arena

Phyrexian Arena is one of the most well-known black enchantments due to how much it is played in black Commander decks. For three mana, you essentially get to draw two cards during your draw step as opposed to just one. It does cost you one life to do so, but with 40 starting life and ways to gain it back, this is hardly a downside.

Black can struggle with card draw, so having a way to get extra cards into your hand is appreciated. Phyrexian Arena is easy to cast as well, making for a solid enchantment that can help ensure you have a hand full of cards.

9/10 Oubliette

Oubliette is one of the most powerful removal spells on an enchantment. Generally, when one removes a commander from the battlefield, it can just go back to the command zone to be recast later. However, Oubliette does not remove it, but instead phases the commander out. Since it's not leaving the battlefield, it does not have the option to go to the command zone.

If your opponents don't have a way to get Oubliette off the battlefield, it can permanently remove a creature from the game. For only three mana, Oubliette is a fantastic black enchantment.

8/10 Biotransference

Biotransference offers a very easy way to start flooding the battlefield with creatures just by playing creatures. Since it turns all your creatures into artifact creatures, regardless of their position on the battlefield or not, you get an extra 2/2 creature token on top of it any time one is cast.

There are plenty of ways to cheat out artifacts too, more so than creatures, and Biotransference allows you to treat your powerful creatures as artifacts. Black's best creatures often cost a hefty bit of mana, so having a way to get them onto the battlefield easier while getting more creatures as well makes for a phenomenal four-mana enchantment.

7/10 Black Market

One thing black tends to struggle with is building up mana, without the use of a card like Dark Ritual that gives you mana into your mana pool for a turn. Black Market helps to get around this downside, as you can add black mana for each counter on it.

Putting counters on Black Market is incredibly easy, as one gets put on whenever one of your creatures dies. This can be forced, since black has many ways to sacrifice creatures for value, and Black Market gets you mana to use later. The counters aren't removed from Black Market either, allowing you to quickly ramp into your biggest spells.

6/10 Phyrexian Reclamation

Black is the main color of sacrificing your permanents for value. As such, it is common for your creatures to wind up in the graveyard, and Phyrexian Reclamation helps you to recycle these cards back into your hand to use those effects again.

It also helps to bring back a powerful creature that got removed so you can re-summon it. Phyrexian Reclamation is very easy to cast, and its ability is both cheap to activate and can be done at instant speed — allowing you to use it during the end step so you don't waste mana on your own turn.

5/10 The Meathook Massacre

The Meathook Massacre was a Standard star, so much so that it had to be banned in the format (and nerfed for Alchemy and Historic). In Commander, the Meathook Massacre is just as strong, if not stronger. It is very easy to continuously sacrifice your creatures for value, allowing you to burn out your opponents quickly, especially when mixed with cards like Blood Artist.

It can act as a board wipe as well, one of which gets around most formats of protection. Since having a lot of mana is common in Commander, odds are you will be able to wipe the board with its activation.

4/10 Revel In Riches

Revel In Riches is most well-known for being a win condition for Treasure decks. Though it has a high casting cost, Revel In Riches is a fantastic card that gives you Treasure tokens just by killing your opponents' creatures — which black is best at doing thanks to the plethora of removal available in the color.

If you have ten or more Treasures, you automatically win the game. Revel In Riches helps you to ramp, as well as giving you an alternative way to win the game if you can't do so by traditional damage.

3/10 Dictate Of Erebos

Dictate Of Erebos is a fantastic enchantment that makes an opponent have to think twice about attacking you when you have blockers. It forces your opponents to sacrifice a creature whenever one of yours dies.

Since black has so many ways to kill your own creatures and gain value, this turns into clearing out your opponents' creatures by forcing them to sacrifice their creatures for no upside. Dictate Of Erebos has flash as well, allowing you to cast it in response to a one-sided board wipe or before your turn starts to keep your mana up for interaction.

2/10 Black Market Connections

Black Market Connections is a phenomenal enchantment, that lets you use life to gain value. This can be used for ramp, card draw, or building a creature presence. As if that wasn't good enough, you can use multiple effects each turn. It is mandatory, so if you're not careful you can lose a lot of life from Black Market Connections.

Thankfully, black has plenty of ways to counteract this life loss with lifegain effects. Since Black Market Connections gets you extra draws and Treasure tokens, it becomes even easier to get to the tools that prevent Black Market Connection from hurting you too much — only getting the value from it.

1/10 Necropotence

Necropotence is not just the best black enchantment, it's one of the best cards in general — so much so that it's banned in Legacy and restricted in Vintage (meaning only one copy can be played). Though it forces you to skip your draw step, you can essentially draw out your whole deck with Necropotence on the battlefield.

Since you start with so much life in Commander, you can get over 30 cards into your hand if your life total hasn't changed since the start of the game. If you have ways to gain a lot of life early on, you can pay a ton of life to get your whole deck into your hand — winning the game with all your win conditions in your hand when your turn comes.

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