Magic: The Gathering – The 10 Best Colorless Cards From The Warhammer 40,000 Commander Decks

In the grim darkness of a Magic: the Gathering Commander game, artifacts are king. Whether you’re ramping up mana, crewing vehicles, or drawing cards, artifacts are all key to winning your commander games. With each commander set release, even more powerful artifacts are released for you to collect.

The Warhammer 40,000 Commander brings 55 artifact cards to the game. Some are all-new cards based on factions from the miniature wargame, while others are reprints with stunning new art. These artifacts are the best of the best from the Warhammer 40,000 Commander decks.

10/10 Chromatic Lantern – The Ruinous Powers

It’s almost impossible to not include Chromatic Lantern in a list of best Commander artifacts. It smooths out your mana so you’ll never need to tap specific lands for certain colors of mana.

Chromatic Lantern also adds mana if you tap it, helping you cast your larger spells faster. Don’t get lazy with this artifact out, though; if you lose it, you’ll have to remember how to tap your lands properly again.

9/10 Reaver Titan – Forces Of The Imperium

A brand new vehicle depicting the massive engine of destruction from the Imperium of Man, this monstrous mechanical titan is a 10/10 creature when crewed by tapping creatures with a combined total power of four or greater.

With two abilities, the Reaver Titan dominates the field. The Void Shields ability protects it from all cards with converted mana of three or less — both yours and your opponents. Its next ability, Gatling Blaster, deals five damage to each opponent every time it attacks.

8/10 Skullclamp – Forces Of The Imperium

Another reprint, the dreaded Skullclamp is among some of the best artifacts ever printed. This one mana artifact gives a creature +1/-1, which doesn’t seem impressive, but it helps fuel the second ability of Skullclamp. When your equipped creature dies, you draw two cards.

Toss the Skullclamp on some 1/1 tokens to quickly refill your hand after making a few tokens, or equip it to a slightly larger creature and find a way to sacrifice it for some additional effects.

7/10 Resurrection Orb – Necron Dynasties

The Resurrection Orb can be a little deceiving at first glance. Giving your equipped creature lifelink is a little basic; there are plenty of other, more effective ways of doing that. Where the Resurrection Orb shines is in the combos it enables.

When your equipped creature dies, Resurrection Orb brings it back to the battlefield at the beginning of the next end step. While slower than other combos, it still lets you repeatedly bring back your sacrificed creature.

6/10 Sculpting Steel – Necron Dynasties

In the world of Warhammer 40,000, Necrodermis is a living metal that is used to form everything from the hulls of ships to the very bodies of the Necron. Much like the Necrodermis, Sculpting Steel can take the shape of any artifact on the field, becoming a copy of it.

While you can absolutely copy an opponent’s artifact, you can also copy your own, doubling up on a powerful effect you might have or stealing a powerful effect for yourself.

5/10 Sceptre Of Eternal Glory – Necron Dynasties

Sceptre of Eternal Glory is great for ramping up mana, particularly in single-colored commander decks. For four generic mana, you can tap Sceptre of Eternal Glory for one mana of any color, which isn’t great admittedly.

But when you control three or more lands with the same name, you can tap Sceptre of Eternal Glory for three mana of any one color. Combine the Sceptre of Eternal Glory with any way to untap it, and you’ll have more mana than you will know what to do with.

4/10 Caged Sun – Necron Dynasties

Speaking of adding mana, Caged Sun is a reprint that ramps up your mana and powers up your creatures. When Caged Sun enters the battlefield, you get to choose a color. Then, creatures you control of that chosen color will gain +1/+1, and when you tap a land to add mana of that color, you add an additional mana of that color.

Caged Sun is great in one and two-color Commander decks, but with cards like Sculpting Steel to copy an artifact, you can double up on effects or spread them out across multiple colors.

3/10 Thunderhawk Gunship – Forces Of The Imperium

Warhammer 40,000 wouldn’t be complete without a spaceship and the Thunderhawk Gunship is packing a lot of power. It only takes two power to crew the Thunderhawk Gunship for a 6/6 flying creature.

Conveniently, when Thunderhawk Gunship enters the battlefield, you create two 2/2 creature tokens with vigilance, giving you some backup to crew the ship. When it attacks, creatures you control gain flying until the end of turn, allowing you to set up a powerful attack.

2/10 Canoptek Tomb Sentinel – Necron Dynasties

This insect artifact creature is a powerhouse in the right deck. With its Exile Cannon ability, Canoptek Tomb Sentinel can exile up to one target permanently that any player controls when it returns to the battlefield from the graveyard.

While Canoptek Tomb Sentinel does come preloaded with the unearth ability, returning to the battlefield for seven generic mana for one turn before exiling itself at the end of the turn, with cards like Refurbish or Trash for Treasure, you can bring back Canoptek Tomb Sentinel straight to the battlefield multiple times to keep exiling cards.

1/10 The Golden Throne – Forces Of The Imperium

The ominous Golden Throne of the Emperor of Man will keep you alive even if you’re on the brink of death. Arcane Life-support will save you if you were to die, exiling itself instead and resetting your life to one. In order to fuel this process, The Golden Throne requires a steady stream of sacrifices.

From its second ability, A Thousand Souls Die Every Day, you can sacrifice a creature to add three mana of any colors to your mana pool. A fitting sacrifice for the Emperor of Mankind.

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