Magic The Gathering: The Best Commander Precon Decks

While building new and unique decks is a key element of Magic: The Gathering, some of the most popular products regularly released by Wizards of the Coast are pre-constructed Commander decks. As the multiplayer-focused Commander format has exploded in popularity, as have Commander Precons. Pre-constructed Commander decks are fully playable decks that can be quite viable immediately out of the box whilst providing players with the room to customize or upgrade their precon.

These decks allow for Commander format-exclusive cards to be printed without impacting formats like standard, while also serving as a place for Wizards to print needed reprints. Though these decks are widely toted as a great starting place for newcomers to the format, they've varied greatly in their strength and cohesion over the years. So today, we're going to explore the Commander precons of Magic's past and see which are the best.

7 Guided By Nature

Helmed by the Planeswalker, Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury, Guided by Nature is a potent mono green deck that was released as part of Commander 2014.

Guided by Nature is an Elf-Tribal deck based around populating a sizable number of elves, producing massive amounts of mana, and keeping a player's hand full of cards. In addition to featuring a wide range of Elf-Tribal staples that are complimented Freyalise's abilities, the deck featured several standout cards such as Emerald Medalion and Skullclamp.

6 Power Hungry

Released as part of Commander 2013's cycles of three-color decks, Power-Hungry is a Jund deck that notably introduced Prossh, Skyraider of Kher to Magic.

The deck list is a solid and comprehensive introduction to Jund Aristocrats decks, providing a player with a litany of ways to churn out creatures and sacrifice them for value. In addition to featuring a potent Commander that hammers home this theme, the deck included numerous potent cards such as the ever-popular Ophiomancer.

5 Draconic Domination

Draconic Domination was released as part of Commander 2017's cycle of tribal-themed decks, and uniquely serves as the first and only five-color pre-constructed Commander deck. A five-color Dragon-Tribal deck, Draconic Domination includes a high quantity of potent dragons from across every color of many, serving as evasive and high-powered threats.

While dragons traditionally tend to have high mana values, the glue that keeps this deck together is its commander, The Ur-Dragon, which reduces the mana costs of all dragons, regardless of if it's in play, thanks to its eminence ability.

4 Planar Portal

Released alongside Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, Planar Portal is an incredibly solid Rakdos deck that focuses on the elements of card advantage and mana ramp.

Featuring the commander, Prosper, Tome-Bound, as this creature is capable of creating a treasure token whenever its controller casts a spell from exile, the deck is rife with effects that cause a player to impulsively draw, exiling cards from the top of their library and allowing a player to cast them. As this deck not only provides various avenues to access additional cards as well as additional mana through treasure generation, it is quite well-rounded.

3 Built From Scratch

It's no secret that Artifact decks are a powerful and popular choice in the Commander format. Released alongside the previously mentioned Guided by Nature in Commander 2014, Built from Scratch is a Mono-Red deck helmed by Daretti, Scrap Savant.

In addition to countless traditional artifact synergies, the deck features numerous ways for a player to put artifacts in their graveyard and return them to play, often subverting mana costs and accruing additional value whilst doing so. The deck is home to several great cards such as Caged Sun, Goblin Welder, Ruby Medallion, and Steel Hellkite.

2 Vampiric Bloodlust

Another tribal deck that was printed alongside Draconic Domination within Commander 2017, Vampiric Bloodline is a stellar deck that includes not just several key vampire tribal cards and the most ubiquitous Vampire commander in the game, but it is also home to several impressive non-vampire cards that have impacted the format.

As a Mardu deck, Vampiric Bloodline's commander, Edgar Markov, allows for the inclusion of the most potent vampires ever printed, whether they be Rakdos or Orzhov, whilst constantly providing additional value in the form of tokens through its eminence ability. While the deck is a slam dunk as far as Vampire Tribal is concerned, the deck is backed up by great cards such as Disrupt Decorum and Teferi's Protection, each of which saw their first printings in this deck.

1 Breed Lethality

The Commander decks released as part of Commander 2016 are notable not just for their unique status as four-color decks, but they are also the first place players were ever able to see the now widely popular Partner mechanic.

By and large the most popular of these decks, Breed Lethality, is a deck of all colors save for red, focusing on the utilization and manipulation of counters. Home to the Commander all-star, Atraxa, Praetors' Voice, while the deck is most often remembered for this commander, it is incredibly well-thought-out and put together, featuring several great counter-focused cards like Deepglow Skate and Ghave, Guru of Spores.

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