Magic: The Gathering’s Countdown Kit Is An Advent Calendar Of Secret Lair Cards

Revelaed today during Magic: The Gathering's opening celebrations for Magic's 30th anniversary, an advent calendar of Secret Lair cards will go on sale November 1, 9am PT. It costs $149.99 and you'll receive it on December 1, with each card having a 30 percent chance to be foil.

This calendar will be on sale until November 4 or until stocks run out, whichever comes first. The Secret Lair page will launch on October 24. While technically called the Secret Lair 30th Anniversary Countdown Kit, you start in December and open one pack a day, so it's an advent calendar as far as we're concerned. Wizards even wrote, "What you use a countdown kit for in the month of December is up to you."

Wizards of the Coast hasn't revealed all of the cards that will be included in the secret lair, but it has confirmed on its website, "These cards are not only some of the highlights of Magic, but also feature tournament-winning cards from each of those years. These aren't just nostalgic—they're also tried-and-true tournament winners (well, almost all of them) that you'll want to play, too."

Also revealed during today's stream was the news that the Dominaria Remastered set will include retro frames and brand new art. Cards like Birds of Paradise have variants with a standard frame, retro frame, and no frame, where the new art spills across the entire card.

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