Majora’s Challenge Is Basically A Nuzlocke Ruleset For Breath Of The Wild

Four years on, and players still can’t get enough of The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild. Even if you’ve explored every shrine, spotted every dragon, fought every Lynel, and collected every damned Korok seed, there are still tons of reasons to dive back into the game.

Some do it to relive the thrill of adventure and exploration the Breath of the Wild has to offer. Some want to reacquaint with the game’s incredibly detailed physics system. And some get back into the game to perform ridiculous feats like propelling off a Bokoblin to snipe a Guardian from 1400 meters away.

However, if you’re looking for a unique challenge in your next Breath of the Wild playthrough, you can try the Majora Challenge, proposed by Redditor, u/CaptainSniffit. It’s basically a Nuzlocke challenge, based on the mechanics of Majora’s Mask. A Nuzlocke challenge is when players adhere to self imposed rules while playing a game; these rules aren’t built into said game, so they require a lot of discipline.

So here are the rules:

  1. All droppable items in your inventory must be discarded every third in-game day (1 hour, 12 minutes in real time). Weapons, food, parts, etc. all must go. However, CaptainSniffit suggests keeping arrows for simplicity’s sake.
  2. After the third day, the player is required to warp back to the Shrine of Resurrection no matter where you are. Almost made your way through a Divine Beast? Tough luck!
  3. Only Towers can be used to fast travel, not shrines.
  4. A Game Over forces you back to day 1 and all above rules apply as per the reset.
  5. The challenge officially begins after unlocking the Fast Travel option.

They have also suggested some additional rules if the ones above seem too tough:

  1. After unlocking a new Tower, you have the option to use only that particular Tower at the start of a cycle instead of the Shrine of Resurrection.
  2. If the third day in a cycle ends in a Blood Moon (resurrecting all enemies), the ‘fourth day’ exception is triggered. This gives you an additional 24 minutes.
  3. The Travel Medallion is allowed to be used.
  4. Obtaining the Majora’s Mask item lets you keep one extra weapon, shield, and bow between resets.
  5. If you’re really up to it, fast travel can be fully disallowed.

Well, these are the rules of the Majora Challenge. I’m not sure if this sounds engaging or tedious. But you can always pick and choose the rules you want to stick to. After all, improvisation is the motto of this game.

The comments section seemed pretty mixed on this ruleset. While some commenters decided that the challenge could be made ludicrously harder by trying it on the Master Mode, some had an issue with the blood moon cycle.

“Biggest issue I see with this is the blood moon cycle. If you reset the clock in MM [Majora’s Mask], all droppable items respawn. Items and enemies don’t respawn until the blood moon cycles. And considering it takes about a minute or so to traverse the largest areas of MM on horseback, and several minutes in BotW on horseback, it seems like this would become more tedious than engaging,” said one commenter.

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