Man Stops Getting Matches After Putting New League Of Legends Passion On Tinder Profile

Tinder has added a new passion that you can proudly display on your profile – League of Legends. Let all your potential matches know that you are a massive League fanatic, a Jinx connoisseur, and a fan of the fine arts. One player did that. It didn't work.

As spotted by Esports News UK, Hitmarker head of community and marketing Nathan Edmonds decided to put League of Legends on his profile only to find that his number of matches was tanking. His whole profile is centred around competitive gaming with a bio that reads, "nerd that works in esports", while it's listed as a passion itself.

"Matches after I added league 📉," Nathan wrote, attaching an emoji of downward-projected stocks. This was in response to fiora irl showing off that League of Legends had been added as a new passion. But it's not the only gaming one available. You can also spot NFTs, Fortnite, and, if we stretch the term gaming a little, Memes. Nothing says you're a good match like proudly claiming to be an NFT-loving memer with a hankering for Fortnite.

Edmonds replied in the comments, "Taking full advantage of [the new passion] yet willing to never get a match again." Someone also cheekily chimed in with, "Can't go down if you don't get matches in the first place."

Edmonds told Esports News UK that he has only been matching with other League of Legends fans since adding the passion, stating, "I'll be honest, I don't get many matches anyway – which must be down to some kind of bug, right? I figured it's the only thing that makes sense because have you seen me? Gold 2 in solo queue, handsome, own a beautiful dog called Lux, the list goes on.

"I hope with this new feature to find someone who will gank my lane unlike my current duo and no, that is not an innuendo – I actually do need ganks to put me ahead in my lane."

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