Maneater: The Best Shark Builds

January may be coming to a close, but there’s still time to hop into the ocean of Maneater for some carnivorous combat. Maneater is free until the end of the month. Those who download this shark-centric RPG should take note of what builds work best for each situation.

Because there are varied enemy types in Maneater, players will want to have several sets ready for different encounters. Taking on legendary hunters is completely different than confronting an underwater apex predator. They both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Taking along the right armor and gear can mean all the difference in the fight to become Maneater’s dominant life form.

For Wildlife: Bio-Electric Armor Set

The preferred armor set for underwater hunters is the Bio-Electric Armor set. This kit allows for high damage output with attacks that not only damage but stun other animals. The full list of benefits to this set at max development are as follows:

  • Jaw: Release an electric shock putting 3 stun counters on enemies in a 4-meter radius. Enemies with 10 stun counters will be dazed.
  • Head: Target can’t move for 10 seconds after being slammed.
  • Body: +25% lunge speed, +25% max speed, +25% acceleration bonus, +25% swim speed.
  • Special Ability: Lightning Burst: Spawns an electric aura that shocks nearby enemies. Turn into lightning when lunging, dealing stun damage.
  • Fins: Turn into lightning while evading, stunning those hit with an electric attack. +100% damage resistance, +70% evade speed.
  • Tail: Launch a wave of electricity on a tailwhip for 20 damage and 3 stun stacks.

This set prioritizes mobility and damage. With underwater opponents, getting the edge in both damage output and maneuverability can turn a fight’s tide. Stun abilities are key here as they give some breathing room when a fight gets intense. Grab the following organs to boost effectiveness further:

  • Hearty: +600 max health, +60 boat crew knockback resistance.
  • Adrenal Gland: +30% max speed, +30% evade speed. +30% acceleration bonus, +30% swim speed boost.
  • Advanced Sonar: +300% sonar radius, -50% sonar cooldown.

Remember these are the stats at max evolution, which require resources to upgrade.

For Hunters: Bone Armor Set

The Bone Armor set is defensive, designed to protect from hard-hitting hunters. Use this set to tear ships apart and make quick work of poachers. The full list for this set of bonuses is listed below:

  • Jaw: +25% thrash damage, +60% boat bite damage
  • Head: +40% ramming damage, +50 crew knockback resistance, +40% boat crew damage resistance, +50% ram force, +15 damage resistance.
  • Body: +25% max speed, +25% lunge speed, +25% acceleration bonus, +25% swim speed, +50% ram force bonus, crew ejection chance on ram.
  • Special Ability: Bone Crusher: Turns shark bone into a battering ram. +7 damage reduction, +25% damage resistance, +100% ramming damage. Inflict 60 damage to all things within 2 meters on the lunge.
  • Fins: Inflict 50 damage to anything within 2 meters on a lunge, +15% damage resistance, +15% ramming damage.
  • Tail: +50% splash radius on tailwhip, +30 tailwhip damage, +250% tail whip force, +15% damage resistance, +20% ramming damage.

Grab the following organs to power up further and complete the defensive denizen of the deep.

  • Brutal Muscles: +30% max speed, +30% tail whip damage, +30% acceleration bonus, +30% tail whip force, +30% swim speed, +30 tail whip damage.
  • Hearty: +600 max health, +60 boat crew knockback resistance.
  • Reinforced Cartilage: +15% damage resistance.

Grab all the resources you can find to boost this set to max effectiveness.

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