Mario Kart 64 Speedrunner Reclaims World Record In Less Than A Week – After It Took Years To Beat

As we covered just five days ago, a huge speedrunning record was broken in Mario Kart 64. Runner kazn took the top spot from Abney, after the latter held the fastest time in the All Cups (Skips) category for seven years. Given how long it took to beat, we guessed that we wouldn't see the time come down even further for a good while, as runners grinded away to optimize the route. Well, it turns out we were very wrong.

Less than a week later, Abney has already taken the record back. A full seven seconds have been shaved off the top time, bringing the record down to 23 minutes, 21 seconds. This is part of the All Cups category that allows skips, making it an impressive run to watch as Abney pulls off shortcuts, both official and otherwise.

This win means that Abney has the top spot in most of the Mario Kart 64 speedrunning categories. As well as both of the All Cups categories (with and without skips), Abney has the best time for several cups individually, as well as for 100 percent completing the game.

When speed games have been around as long as Mario Kart 64, you don't often see huge changes to the record. That makes the seven-second save all the more impressive. From the start, it's easy to see how this was accomplished, as Abney effortlessly glides across corners and pulls off unintended shortcuts.

Abney makes huge time saves on several tracks, leaving Choco Mountain almost 30 seconds ahead of the then-world record's pace. With that in mind, especially so early into the run, Abney doesn't seem too surprised when he nabs the number one spot at the end, rounding off an impressive Rainbow Road run.

The previous record-holder, kazn, praised Abney over on Twitter. However, since kazn still regularly streams Mario Kart 64 attempts, it's very possible that we could see the record broken once more, and sooner than we may expect.

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