Mario Kart 8 Wave 5 DLC release time, date and NEW Booster courses

Nintendo is about to release the next batch of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC for the Switch. Wave 5 of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass has a July 12 release date on Nintendo Switch. While there’s no exact launch time, the Nintendo eShop is typically updated at around 3pm BST UK time, so expect the courses to go live around then. The latest wave of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC contains two cups with eight courses, as well as three returning characters.

The Feather Cup contains four courses, including Athens Dash from Mario Kart Tour, Daisy Cruiser from Mario Kart Double Dash, and Moonview Highway from Mario Kart Wii.

That’s on top of a brand new course titled Squeaky Clean Sprint, which sees players race around a giant bathroom, including underwater in a bathtub.

As you can see from the gameplay trailer below, you’ll even glide over a massive toilet, although it’s unclear what will happen should you fall in.

The Cherry Cup, on the other hand, features Los Angeles Laps and Vancouver Velocity from Mario Kart Tour, as well as Sunset Wilds from Mario Kart Super Circuit and Koopa Cape from Mario Kart Wii.

The returning characters include Petey Piranha, Wiggler and Kamek. They join Birdo from the Wave 4 Booster Pack.

Wave 5 will be followed by one final expansion pack in 2023, complete with a further eight courses and more characters.

Nintendo Switch owners can purchase the entire Booster Course DLC from the Nintendo eShop for £22.99.

Alternatively, Expansion Pass + subscribers can access each wave at no extra cost as part of their membership. 

The Expansion Pass also grants access to a host of classic N64 and Sega Mega Drive games, as well as Animal Crossing DLC and Splatoon content.

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