Mario + Rabbids: Sparks Of Hope – How To Choose The Best Sparks For Battle

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Mario + Rabbids: Sparks Of Hope is an adventurous journey through the galaxy where turn-based combat is king. Equip Heroes, rescue imprisoned Sparks, and collect Purified Darkmess Crystals to unlock more planets and defeat the evil Cursa.

Over the course of your travels, you will unlock various companions known as Sparks. These Luma-Rabbid hybrids are cutesy beings that can give you an enviable boost during battle, but no two Sparks (or their powers) are the same. Here is how to choose the best Spark tailored to your team's needs and opponents.

Selecting A Spark: Specialists

One of the three types of Sparks can be classified as the specialists of the bunch. Although all combat Sparks offer one attack and one defense buff per use, attack-heavy specialists tend to deal certain types of damage to your opponents whilst protecting you from that same damage type.

They are most useful when battling against certain foes in certain territories, such as how Cryoblide's resistance to the Frostbite super effect makes it a useful choice while navigating the frozen plains of Pristine Pines.

SparkAbilityWhere To UnlockWhen To Use Them
ToxiquakeShockwave Ooze: Casts three shockwaves that deal 51 damage points using the Ooze Super Effect.

Ooze Protector: Hero not affected by the Ooze Super Effect, all enemy's Ooze attacks deal 20 percent less damage.

Beacon BeachUseful against henchmen that deal Ooze damage, in Barrendale Mesa especially and against the Stomper enemy types.
ElectrodashShock Dash: All dashes charged with Shock Super Effect, dealing 170 percent damage.

Shock Protector: Hero not affected by Shock attacks, enemy's Shock attacks reduced by 30 percent.

Beacon BeachUseful against enemies that deal Shock damage; useful against the Sea Stooge enemy.
CryoblideFrostbite Attack: Weapon attacks deal 66-81 damage points as well as the Frostbite Super Effect.

Frostbite Protector: Supereffect damage reduced by 25 percent, Hero not affected by Frostbite Super Effect.

Pristine PinesAgainst henchmen who deal Frostbite damage; useful in Pristine Pines.
PyrostarBurn Attack: Weapons attacks deal 255-315 Burn Super Effect damage.

Burn Protector: Super Effect damage reduced by 25 percent, Heroes aren't affected by Burn effects.

Beacon BeachAgainst henchmen who deal Burn damage; useful for the main mission on Beacon Beach and against the Lone Wolf enemy type in Terra Flora.
AquanoxSplash Attack: Weapons deal 145 percent damage and have the Splash Super Effect.

Splash Protector: Super Effect damage reduced by 30 percent, Heroes unaffected by Splash Super Effects.

Beacon BeachAgainst henchmen that deal Splash damage; useful in Terra Flora.

Selecting A Spark: Defenders

If you're the type that likes to barrel in guns blazing, head first, and with little concern for your dwindling health bar, we don't judge you for your bravery. However, it might be a good idea to make sure one of your three Heroes is equipped with at least one of these tanky defender Sparks.

Unlike their type-specific siblings, all-around defenders are less about doing damage as they are vital to team protection and replenishing your HP stats mid-battle.

There are vampiric Sparks that siphon your enemy's health and give it to you, as well as ones that reduce your damage taken and even deflect it back at your opponent. Here are the best defensive Sparks to balance out Heroes with more attack-heavy abilities (looking at you, Rabbid Mario).

SparkAbilityWhere To FindWhen To Use Them
PulserRevives fallen Heroes at 30 percent sanity.Terra FloraTough battles where you pass out a lot.
ReflectorReflect: Deflects a percentage of your damage back at your attacker.

Attack Master: Increases your weapon's attack by a certain percentage.

IntroductionUseful anytime.
ExosphereFortify: Heroes take a percentage less damage from all attack types.

Athlete: Increases your mobility damage (such as your Dash) by 25 percent.

Beacon Beach (Edge's Spark)Useful anytime.
StarburstTurbocharge: Heroes deal 30 percent more weapons and mobility damage.

Physical Protector: Reduce damage taken by a percentage.

IntroductionMatches where you are outnumbered.
GlitterDistracts enemies by attracting them to it to create a diversion, clearing a path for the Heroes.Palette PrimeGood for boss battles.
RegenesisTemporarily boosts your health.Pristine PeaksA final coup de grâce.
VampdashDrains your enemy's health and gives it to the Hero.Pristine PeaksWhen your health starts flagging, and you're out of Super Mushrooms.

Use the Tacti-cam to scope out your battleground before a fight, and edit your active Heroes accordingly!

Non-Battle Sparks

The final category of Sparks is the non-battle assist helper Spark.

These sweet critters are unlocked in the same way that you unlock battle support Sparks: by winning battles and watching a cut scene.

Here are three that are unlocked as part of the main storyline of the game, and therefore cannot be missed if you play through the storyline:

SparkAbilityWhere To Find
DrizzleGives Beep-O Wave Power.Terra Flora
DecibelGives Beep-O the ability to knock down walls using a sonic boom.Pristine Pines
TwinkleGives Beep-O the Scan ability.Beacon Beach

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