Marvel Realm Of Champions Imagines A Tech State Ruled By Stark A.I.

The new mobile RPG Marvel Realm Of Champions pits your favorite heroes against each other in a fantasy world controlled by Stark A.I. The game is being developed by Kazam Studios, whose previous release, Marvel Contest Of Champions was a hit with mobile gamers worldwide.

The storyline of Marvel Realm Of Champions revolves around Tony Stark and Stark Tower being transported to Battleworld by Maestro. As usual, Tony uses his innovation and technological know-how to create the House of Iron. The wonders of his technology turn many enemies into friends and allowed him to increase his lifespan. Eventually Stark Prime, the A.I version of Tony Stark, takes over all the houses in the land — but not everyone is happy to have its “protection.”

According to Newsarama, Gabriel Frizzera, the Art and Creative Director of Kabam said in a statement, “Working with Marvel on Contest of Champions is a dream for Kabam, and we could not be more proud of the experiences we built together.” He goes on to say, “While Marvel Contest of Champions continues to grow with years of content down the pipeline, Marvel Realm of Champions will take players from the Battlerealm’s one-on-one duels to the Battleworld’s global skirmishes for complete territorial control in the name of their House.”

The game will allow players to choose a house based on a Marvel Hero such as the House of Iron for Iron Man, Pyramid X for the X-Men, and the Patriot Garrison for Captain America.  Each hero has their own abilities and equipment and players will be able to customize them according to whatever playing style they prefer. Realm of Champions will feature real-time RPG gameplay, with each player having their own faction and either fighting for control of the land, or teaming up with other factions to take control.

So far there are no screenshots or trailers that show the actual gameplay, so it is difficult to know what the game mechanics will be like. It is likely to be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. There is currently no release date, but it is expected to arrive in early 2020 on Android and iOS.

There are currently lots of mobile RPG games on the market including major titles like Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. For Realm of Champions to do well, it has to bring something special to the table. One of its major advantages is a huge fanbase eager to gobble up new content.  Marvel properties are also generally well-made, and Kazam has a great track record, with Contest of Champions having a respectable score of 76 percent on Metacritic.

Source: Newsarama

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