Marvel Snap: 10 Best Cards For An Ant-Man Deck

Ant-Man may seem puny, but he is a mighty hero who has gone on epic adventures. In Marvel Snap, he is a strong one-power card that can be utilized in a variety of ways to pummel your opponent. If you want a deck that compliments and works around the tiny and sometimes huge superhero, then you have options.

Marvel Snap allows you to get creative on deck building. Having Ant-Man can mean different things. You can focus on powering up the card with complimentary cards. In other ways, you can get yourself started with something on the field that can grow stronger.

10 Ant-Man

When you fill a location, Ant-Man goes from a one-powered card to a four-power. The Ongoing ability opens this window for the entire game, so you don't feel pressure to fill the location. You can strategize when to play the card to gain extra power at a location for the orange light to signify your ownership.

Cards that fill a space easily go well with Ant-Man. Think about Brood or Ultron to quickly fill up the space. Depending on your setup, it can take too long to activate Ant-Man's ability. Whether you use lower-costing cards or something like Ultron, you have ways to ensure you have three other fillers to boost Ant-Man.

9 Armor

Killmonger threatens one-power cards. Meanwhile, Shang-Chi can obliterate anything above nine-power. You will want to protect your mightiest cards or one-powered cards with Armor. The Ongoing ability prevents anything from being destroyed by other cards or locations.

The only threats against Armor are Enchantress from disabling the Ongoing ability or a Galactus from wiping out the other locations if he is placed where Armor is not. While knowing and preparing for counters, you will be fairly safe as there is not much that people can do about Armor.

8 Cosmo

While Armor can protect Ant-Man and any other one-cost cards you choose to use, Cosmo can protect Ongoing cards from Enchantress. By canceling On Reveal abilities, your Ongoing cards will have their abilities safe from getting axed.

Although you are unable to place On Reveal cards on the location that has the space dog, you are free to have more Ongoing cards. You can throw in all sorts of cards, like Ant-Man, Captain America, Ka-Zar, and Onslaught. If you have those On Reveal cards, they are freed up to take over one of the other two locations while your Ongoings dominate a single space.

7 Brood

Whether you have a Silver Surfer deck or need to fill a location for Ant-Man, Brood is one of the best ways to take up space. The three/two Broodlings can get you Ant-Man's additional power within a single turn, wasting less time to get it filled.

Brood has plenty of uses to fit other decks or locations. If you want that random six-powered card from The Raft, Brood will increase your chances of beating your opponent on filling the location. With Okoye, Forge, and Nakia, powering up the fairly weak card to have higher power is easy.

6 Captain America

Captain America knows how to support his allies as he boosts all cards on the same location by one power. No matter what you place next to Cap, you gain a boost to the location by one to three power, at least. Add in combos of other cards like Onslaught or Blue Marvel, and you can push the bar higher.

Ant-Man specifically gains a lot out of a pairing with Captain America. Like their fun interactions in the MCU, they empower one another as Ant-Man gains additional power.

5 Ka-Zar

If you focus on one-cost cards, Ka-Zar is a necessary part of your deck. By powering the one-cost cards with one power, you can make the puniest of heroes into devastating warriors. Throw him on Onslaught's Citadel, and then you can double this ability.

Ka-Zar has plenty of utility, making him useful for different deck builds. Ant-Man will get a nice buff, along with any one-cost cards accompanying him. For cards like Squirrel Girl and Ultron that pump out one-cost minions, you can overtake locations at the last minute.

4 Blue Marvel

Matches are often won by a small margin. Blue Marvel can push you over the edge to win a match by powering every card on your side with one power. Combine him with Ka-Zar, Onslaught, or Patriot; you can see significant boosts to your weakest cards.

Blue Marvel and Ka-Zar make a mean combination when you have an Ant-Man in a filled location. Add this to Onslaught's Citadel for any Ongoing cards from Blue Marvel to Ant-Man, and then you will gain the most out of those cards when this location is available.

3 Spectrum

You have a few strong options for six-cost cards to help Ant-Man get you victories. Spectrum is a strong pick for any Ongoing deck, especially when Ant-Man is on the field.

She powers up all Ongoing cards with two additional power. Stack up Ongoing cards in your deck and see a huge boost to your locations to win during the final turn. All you have to worry about is if there is anything to prevent her On Reveal ability, but with no Cosmo, you can secure a win.

2 Onslaught

Sometimes a card's ability needs a bump in its effectiveness. No matter the Ongoing ability, Onslaught helps lift those cards to new heights as it doubles the ability's effect for the location you place Onslaught.

To gain the most out of Onslaught, stack three Ongoing cards in a single location. Ant-Man and Captain America, with whatever else you pick, can skyrocket your numbers on a location. You can also find ways to help other locations by combining Onslaught with Blue Marvel, Ka-Zar, or Klaw.

1 Ultron

The fastest way to fill locations is Ultron. Place him in one location and fill the other two with one-powered Drones. It is a great last-minute way to power up Ant-Man when your opponent thinks you are leaving him behind.

Ultron can create deadly combinations. Captain America, Ka-Zar, Blue Marvel, and Patriot are all cards that can enhance your Drones to take control of the locations. As the supervillain has eight power, he can help take over the spot you have him while his Drones do the rest of the work.

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