Marvel’s Avengers Is Adding She-Hulk, Played By Krizia Bajos

She-Hulk hasn’t yet made her debut in the wider Marvel cinematic universe, but that’ll change next year with her own show on Disney+. And to get us in the She-Hulk mood, we’ll first get to see her in Marvel’s Avengers.

The news first broke courtesy of content creator Miller and was soon confirmed by Krizia Bajos, who will voice She-Hulk in the game. No timeframe was given for She-Hulk’s appearance, but you can bet it’ll be in 2022 and it’ll likely tie in with the coming Disney+ program.

For those who haven’t read the comics, She-Hulk is actually regular Hulk’s cousin. Lawyer Jennifer Walters receives a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner following a car accident and then she winds up with Banner’s green skin syndrome, only she’s not quite as mindlessly destructive as cousin Bruce.

Depending which comics you read, She-Hulk doesn’t transform like Hulk and maintains an exceptionally large and green physique. Considering that’s pretty much how regular Hulk is portrayed in the current MCU, you can probably expect a similar situation for She-Hulk.

As for the She-Hulk Disney+ show, that's been in the works for a while but was finally given a release window last month during Disney+ Day. She-Hulk will be portrayed by Tatiana Maslany who will star alongside Mark Ruffalo reprising his role as The Hulk. Described as a "half-hour legal comedy," the show will revolve around She-Hulk getting used to her new self as she tries to help out superheroes in legal trouble.

In the meantime, those that prefer bows and arrows to mean and green can enjoy Hawkeye's Disney+ outfit in Marvel's Avengers. The announcement was made just as the last episode of Hawkeye was airing, making it the perfect cross-promotion for Clint Barton fans. We're still waiting for an in-game version of Kate Bishop, but give it time.

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