Marvel’s Midnight Suns Dev Says DC’s Same Actor Plans Would Be A "Nightmare"

Recently announced James Gunn and Peter Safran's vision for the future of the DC shared universe has been a debated topic on socials, as many doubted the concept of using the same actors across various movies, games, TV series, and animation. Marvel's Midnight Suns designer Jake Solomon is one of several who have said that different mediums should stay that way.

Solomon briefly commented on the subject on his socials, saying such a concept would be a "nightmare" for a project like Midnight Suns. While the developer thinks he understands Gunn's desire to make one, shared universe with the same versions of iconic characters, he believes the movies and games are very different, and they should stay that way, allowing for more creative freedom.

Solomon also noted the pressure such an odd vision puts on talented voice-over actors who had been working on different versions of these characters in the gaming space for years. That's on top of the amount of work new performers would need to carry out after signing the contract. Regardless of how tempting such an experiment may sound on paper, this basically means a lot less various projects can be tackled at the same time.

However, James Gunn is yet to clarify to what extent these new DC plans would affect gaming. As of now, the nearest release is Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, which naturally doesn't fall for this rule. We are yet to see whether some of the next DC-related video games will stick to this scheme.

Many believe DC will drop the idea pretty soon, if it ever was seriously considered at all, as it's hard to imagine such an initiative would work for games or animation, which often target very different audiences, and have very different budgets. Either way, the future of DC is changing, and it'll be curious to see where this new path leads.

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