Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 News Teased By Venom Actor

It has been well over a year since Insomniac took superhero fans by surprise and dropped the very first trailer for Spider-Man 2. Since then there has been nothing, but Tony Todd, the voice actor for Venom in the sequel, has heavily implied that there will finally be something to show off, potentially as soon as tomorrow.

Todd tweeted in the early hours of Monday morning, “Big creative news, dropping tomorrow,” telling fans to stay tuned. As highlighted by Wet-Haired_Caribou on Reddit, Todd has followed up on that tweet by liking any replies asking if the news is in relation to Spider-Man 2, and also retweeted a clip from the original trailer that was first shown off all the way back in September 2021.

Not concrete evidence that more news is coming, of course, but it certainly has a lot of people convinced. The game is definitely due an announcement of some sort if Insomniac wants to keep people convinced that it will really still launch in 2023. The studio confirmed that is still the plan a short while ago, and almost three months ago there were reports that more of the game would be shown off soon.

The first, and so far only, trailer for Spider-Man 2 showed Peter Parker and Miles Morales's web-slingers working together. The trailer ends with Venom emerging from the shadows but it remains unclear whether the symbiote will be a villain, an ally, or something in between. What was confirmed by Todd himself is that he is the voice of the iconic Spider-Man character.

While Todd will be welcomed into Insomniac's Spider-Verse, Scott Porter appears to have said goodbye. Porter voiced Harry Osborn in the first game but revealed in a since-deleted tweet that Insomniac has gone in a different direction for the sequel. It sounds like a similar situation to the change of appearance to the game's Peter Parker in that the studio has gone with an actor that looks more like the in-game character.

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