Marvel’s Spider-Man: Fisk Hideout Story Quest Walkthrough

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  • Go To The Construction Site
  • Craft The Impact Web Gadget
  • Take Down Enemies Silently
  • Defeat The Waves Of Enemies

In The Main Event story mission of Marvel's Spider-Man, you will take down Wilson Fisk and send him to jail after hunting him down. But even after Kingpin is off the streets, his gang members are still operating his criminal dealings from his secret construction sites. These sites are scattered all around New York City.

You will get a call from Yuri Watanabe to investigate the criminal dealings taking place on one of Fisk's construction sites, marked on the map. It will start the Fisk Hideout story mission, which we will cover a walkthrough of in this guide.

Go To The Construction Site

After you get the upgraded Spider-Man suit from Dr. Otto Octavius and complete the Something Old, Something New story mission, the Fisk Hideout quest will begin right away.

Head to the construction site. You will receive a message from Dr. Otto, which will have the information to craft a new piece of equipment called Impact Web.

Craft The Impact Web Gadget

Open the Gadget Page and craft the Impact Web gadget.

Impact Web is a type of Web Shooter but more powerful. The web shot from the Impact Web gadget blasts away normal enemies and completely webs them up. However, the ammo is limited to two shots, and you will need to wait for it to get recharged.

You can also increase the ammo and strength of the gadget by upgrading it using Tokens.

Once you have crafted the Impact Web gadget, equip it by loading the gadget wheel. After selecting the Impact Web, it is now time to test it on one of the enemies standing right in front of you.

Take Down Enemies Silently

Press the prompted button on the screen to shoot the Impact Web at the enemy and pin him to the boxes.

There will be more enemies on the roof of the construction site. You can go around silently and take them out without alarming the nearby areas. When near an enemy, press the takedown button to take him out silently. Make sure that there is no other thug near the one you are executing so that you don't get spotted by them. If they do spot you, all the thugs on the roof will get alarmed and start shooting at you.

You can also skip the stealth part and jump in the middle of the roof to engage in combat. The mission requires you to take on waves of enemies, so stealth is not that necessary.

Once you get spotted, more reinforcements will come on the roof to take you out. Defeat the thugs to continue further.

Defeat The Waves Of Enemies

You will now have to defeat six waves of enemies to complete the mission. Each wave will have different types of thugs with their specialties. You will also have the option to complete bonus objectives, which are:

  • Perform ten finisher moves.
  • Web five thugs on a wall.

Now, get ready to fight the first wave of thugs. The first wave will start with you learning the new suit power called Battle Focus. This increases the speed at which you gain Focus while fighting the enemies. You can now perform back-to-back finishers on the enemies while regaining Focus points using the Battle Focus power. However, the suit power can only be used for a short time and needs a few minutes to recharge.

The first wave will have thugs armed with assault rifles shooting from a range, while the normal thugs will face you one-on-one. Focus on defeating the armed enemies first, so you don't have to worry about getting shot from behind. Or use the newly crafted Impact Web gadget to make them immobile and stop them from shooting at you.

The enemies will also throw Stun Grenades at you to block your hearing and vision for a short period. The grenades will blink red until the timer ends and blow at your face. Run away from the grenades or throw them back at the enemies using your web.

Keep eliminating the enemies one by one. More of them will spawn during each wave. The second wave will be the same as the first.

When the third wave begins, some enemies will spawn with tasers. These enemies will counter-attack you with their taser melee weapon if you go straight into them. The only way to defeat them is by performing an Air Launch attack to send them into the air, making them defenseless. Or you can also shoot web or throw nearby objects at them to make them lose their balance. Use this opportunity to go flying into them and take them out.

Wave four will now introduce enemies equipped with a shield. These enemies are hard to defeat as they will always counter your attacks if you go at them from the front. They cannot be damaged until you get behind them or make them unbalanced by throwing nearby objects at them. You can also throw the Stun Grenades at the shielded enemies to block their vision.

The next wave will spawn more enemies with shields. Don't forget to use the Battle Focus suit power to perform finisher moves, even on the shielded enemies.

The final wave will spawn enemies on the upper level with rocket launchers. They can lock rockets onto you and deal a hefty amount of damage. Try to prioritize these enemies and dodge their rockets while you fight the other thugs. If you are unable to reach them in time, shoot webs at them to stop them from using the rocket launchers for a short period.

Keep defeating the enemies as more and more will spawn each round. Remember to prioritize the enemies with firearms, shields, and melee weapons, as they are the most dangerous of others and will deal more damage to you. Use the surrounding objects in your favor during the fight. You can drop ladders and other structures at the enemies for an easy takedown.

Stick to fighting enemies while airborne by launching them into the air using an Air Launch attack. Also, if you feel surrounded by hordes of enemies, zip to the nearest structure to take a breathing space. Normal thugs will not be able to reach you there, but you will still be in danger from the enemies with assault rifles.

If you manage to get taken down by the enemy during any wave, you will have to start again from the previous waves.

After defeating all six waves of enemies, you will complete the Fisk Hideout story mission. It will give you 2,500 XP and 1x Base Token. If you complete the bonus objectives, you will get an extra Base Token for each of the bonus objectives that you completed. In the case of this quest, you will get 3x Base Tokens if you complete the mission along with both of the bonus objectives.

Completing the mission will also unlock Fisk Hideouts' side activity. You will now find more of Fisk's construction sites in New York City, where you can clear the bases after defeating the waves of Fisk's men to receive more Base Tokens. The purpose of the Fisk Hideout story quest was to introduce you to the side activity and the ability to craft more useful gadgets.

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