Mass Effect 2: How To Complete Thane’s Loyalty Mission

Thane’s loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2, Sins of the Father, sees the retired drell assassin coming to terms with mistakes he made in the past in an attempt to reconnect with his estranged son, Kolyat.

In order to gain Thane’s loyalty and make sure he survives the suicide mission, you’ll need to head to the Citadel and prevent Kolyat from following in his father’s footsteps. This is one of Mass Effect 2’s more unique loyalty missions in that you can complete it without firing a single bullet – the only other quest like this is Samara’s loyalty mission, which we recently discussed with the writer behind it.

If you want to make Thane loyal and ensure he appears in Mass Effect 3, look no further than this comprehensive Mass Effect 2 Thane loyalty mission guide, which includes details on how to start Thane’s loyalty mission, where to find Mouse, what to say to Kelham, and how to stop Kolyat from shooting his target.

How To Start Thane’s Loyalty Mission In Mass Effect 2

Thane’s loyalty mission will automatically be unlocked several missions after you acquire him as a squadmate. After a while, Kelly Chambers will inform you that Thane wants to speak to you in life support on deck three of the Normandy.

When you go to speak to Thane, he will tell you that his son, Kolyat, has taken a job as a hit man. Your task is to intercept Kolyat before he reaches his target in order to ensure he doesn’t follow in his father’s footsteps and become an assassin. Like all of the other loyalty missions in Mass Effect 2, this should ideally be completed before embarking on the acquire Reaper IFF quest, which sets the endgame scenario in motion. If you want to make sure everyone gets out of the Collector base alive during the suicide mission, you need to complete Thane’s loyalty mission – and everyone else’s except Legion’s – before moving to acquire the Reaper IFF. Up until that point there will be no penalty for doing additional side quests.

How To Complete Thane’s Loyalty Mission In Mass Effect 2

The first thing you need to do as part of Thane’s mission is go to the Citadel. Like Garrus’ loyalty mission, you will need to speak to Captain Bailey in C-Sec headquarters, which is located right next to the docking bay after going through customs. If you inquire about Thane’s son, Bailey will direct you to Mouse, a “duct rat” who can be found outside the Dark Star Lounge. This is easily located if you look at your Citadel minimap, although it’s important to note that Mouse isn’t actually in the bar – he’s to the right of theĀ entrance.

Mouse recognizes Thane, but is afraid to divulge any information about who hired Kolyat. Having high Paragon or Renegade will give you unique dialogue options that you can use to make him open up – otherwise, you need to either use a Renegade interrupt or pay him off. Eventually, he will tell you that a criminal called Elias Kelham hired Kolyat to take out a political opponent. Head back to Bailey in C-Sec and he will call Kelham in for questioning, although you only have a certain amount of time given that he and Kelham have a deal.

There are multiple ways to extract information from Kelham, although the easiest ones for Renegade or Paragon Shepards are to use three Renegade interrupts in a row or choose all of the Paragon conversation checks before telling him that you’re a Spectre after his lawyer shows up, respectively. You can also rat out Mouse, but that takes a particularly unempathetic Renegade Shep.

Regardless of your method, Kelham will tell you that Kolyat has been tasked with assassinating Joram Talid, a turian politician who is attempting to disband organized crime rings. At this point you will automatically be transported to the 800 blocks and be tasked with trailing Talid while Thane keeps an eye out for Kolyat.

This part of the quest is pretty easy. Essentially, all you need to do is walk along the upper pathways of the Citadel while keeping watch of Talid below. Every so often, Thane will ask for a report, meaning you’ll need to be near enough to Talid to click the prompt. As a result, it’s best to walk at his pace and stop when he stops. After you go through a door, be sure to immediately look down to see whether Talid continues walking straight or turns in somewhere. If you lose Talid, Kolyat will kill him and you will fail the mission, meaning Thane will die on the suicide mission.

Eventually, if you successfully manage to tail him, Talid will meet with a pair of krogan mercs. The next door you go through will trigger a cutscene where a young stock boy attempts to get rid of you. You can get past him with either high Paragon, high Renegade, or a Renegade interrupt. Once you move through the next door, the scene will skip to Kolyat following Talid into the latter’s apartment. You and Thane will chase him inside, at which point Bailey will arrive with other C-Sec officers to arrest Kolyat.

You can stop Kolyat by using a Paragon interrupt to scare him, wounding him so he can’t kill Talid, or using a Renegade interrupt to kill Talid yourself. Regardless, you will be transported back to C-Sec, where Bailey is trying to decide what to do with him. Although he knows he’s a good kid, he did technically try to murder someone. High Paragon will allow you to convince Bailey to let him off with community service, while high Renegade will give you the option to suggest Bailey take him on as a private contractor for C-Sec – off the books, of course. If you’re neutral, Kolyat will get jail time. Regardless of which decision you make, you will earn Thane’s loyalty and he will survive the suicide mission provided you don’t assign him a task he is not suited for.

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