Mass Effect Legendary Edition Bugs Are Still Plentiful – And Hilarious

As we’ve previously reported, Mass Effect Legendary Edition launched with a decent amount of bugs. Luckily for fans who waited patiently for the RPG trilogy to get a remaster, most of the issues aren’t game-breaking. Instead, the games (especially the first one) are littered with character model bugs, as limbs grow outstretched and companions continuously get stuck in objects.

The Mass Effect subreddit is full of fans sharing their best finds, as character models glitch out during important scenes, or just fall apart in photo mode.

Take this bug, spotted by u/Captain_Dorgengoa. The Illusive Man is known for his love of cigarettes, yet the events of the second game clearly took their toll on the Cerberus boss, as he has seemingly forgotten how to smoke.

The Illusive Man isn’t the only one having a rough time. Redditor u/ShiftyLookinCow7 was pleased to announce that the infinite scream glitch was perfectly intact in the remastered version of Mass Effect 3. Yep, as if a reaper invasion wasn’t irritating enough for Shepard, they now have to contend with their enemies haunting them from beyond the grave.

Garrus seems to be getting the worst of it throughout the trilogy. Maybe there’s something up with turian character models, but whatever the case he just can’t catch a break. As spotted in the first game, Garrus possess the ability to get himself wedged in-between some lockers, as Shepard and Kaidan just look on in confusion.

Overall, it’s just not Garrus’ day. When he’s not stuck in some furniture, he’s strategically extending his neck to about a metre long so he can look around cover at ease. Unfortunately for him though, he’s looking the wrong way and about to get his by a blaster shot.

Despite all of this, the volume of bugs has gone down since launch. Back in May, items and characters would completely disappear from cutscenes, making the experience more than a little awkward (seriously, I had to see my Shepard rescue a non-existent Kaidan from the prothean beacon.)

None of this has hurt the game’s sales however, as Mass Effect Legendary Edition quickly shot to the top of the charts in the UK, finally knocking Resident Evil Village from its throne.

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