May 2021’s Games With Gold Lineup Includes Tropico 4 And Lego Batman

Another month, another slate of free titles for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Microsoft has announced the May 2021 lineup for its “Games with Gold” offering and it’s just as underwhelming as you’d expect. The two highlights -in my opinion- are Lego Batman and Tropico 4, two Xbox 360 games that are a decade or older.

On the Xbox One side, subscribers will be treated to Dungeons 3 and Armello. I’ve never heard of either of those, but reviews are relatively positive for both. At the same time, both games are more than a few years old and any fans likely bought them ages ago. It certainly is nice to see more obscure titles get a chance in the spotlight here, but Microsoft really should reconsider what it does with this program.

Here is when you’ll be able to grab each title:

Xbox One

  • Armello – May 1 – 31
  • Dungeons 3 – May 16 – Jun 16

Xbox 360

  • Lego Batman – May 1 – 15
  • Tropico 4 – May 16 – 31

As much as I might complain about Microsoft’s lackluster offerings, at least the company has a method of playing older titles on its system. Sony may have reversed its stance on shuttering the PlayStation Network for PS3 and PS Vita, but that doesn’t address how the PS5 lacks backward compatibility for older platforms. With PS3’s not getting any younger, it’s only a matter of time before an entire generation of titles vanishes in the night.

Microsoft can absolutely do better with its selection of free titles, but at least you have the option of reliving the past while waiting for new games. That’s something I appreciate in this day and age.

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