Mega Drive 2 Announced, Includes Sega CD Games

Sega has just unveiled its next mini retro console: the Mega Drive 2. Launching October 27, the Mega Drive 2 will come packaged with 50 games, including Sega CD titles that rarely see rereleases. Games are still being confirmed for the console, with Sonic CD and Virtua Racing revealed so far.

This news comes from a Japanese showcase live on Sega's YouTube channel right now. Details are still being revealed, and we're yet to see an official confirmation from the company's English speaking channels.

It hasn't been confirmed that the Mega Drive 2 will have a western release in the first place. However, given the success of previous emulation consoles, it's likely that it will see a worldwide launch.

The reveal, starting at around the 13 minute mark, doesn't give us a ton of details on what games we can expect. In fact, a good portion of the unveiling is in the form of a pro wrestling match, where a tag team duo with a Mega Drive and Sega CD on their heads make quick work of their opponents. They don't make gaming ads like they used to.

For more details, we'll have to keep an eye out for a translation of the showcase. One thing we do know for sure is that like its predecessor, it is absolutely tiny. Much smaller than the controller, in fact. It also has eight more games than its predecessor, but if the 50 game count is being shared between the Mega Drive and CD catalogue, it's possible that some 16-bit games that were previously included will have to be cut to make room.

Later on in the showcase, we get a look at the emulations in action. Silpheed, a Sega CD title, runs smoothly in its 1990s 3D glory, giving fans a chance to try out a game from the ill-fated Mega Drive add-on. Shining Force CD is the next game to be tested during the presentation, followed by the fan favourite, Sonic CD. The presenters are still demoing various games at the time of writing, so it's well worth tuning in if you want to get a sneak peek at what games will be included when it launches later this year.

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