Metal: Hellsinger’s First Music Mod Has You Killing Demons To Sweet Home Alabama

Metal: Hellsinger launched last week and appears to have gone down a storm with many who have tried it out so far. Some who have played the same levels countless times may already be tired of hearing the same tracks over and over though. That's why one modder has already taken matters into their own hands.

Despite Metal: Hellsinger's creators confirming the PC version of the game will allow for music modding in the future, Congobill just couldn't wait. The modder has added Lynard Skynard's Sweet Home Alabama to the game and showcased just how well the country rock classic fits with the game's rhythm on Reddit (via PCGamesN).

“I've made a mod for Metal: Hellsinger so you can kill everyone with this perfect music,” the modder explains. Watch the clip below and try to tell them they're wrong. Despite Metal: Hellsinger's OST being made up of music from metalheads like Trivium's Matt Heafy and Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy, Lynard Skynard's iconic track really does fit. If anything, popping demon heads is more fitting when doing it to Sweet Home Alabama than it is while listening to heavy metal.

As highlighted in the replies to the post above, the only trouble with modding prior to the game's creators officially opening those floodgates is each level's BPM. Conogbill explains they have been unable to find something that allows them to vary it, which means any songs they mod into the game for the time being need to match a song from the game's BPM.

Since the whole point of the rhythm game is to blow apart demons to the beat to increase multipliers and set new high scores, modding a song that doesn't fit that beat simply wouldn't work. Congobill has revealed their next project will be modding Caramelldansen into the game, a project they readily admit will be a little trickier to complete. Hopefully it won't be too long until music modding is officially added to the game, potentially allowing players to slay demons to the beat of everything from Rammstein's Sonne to Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush.

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