Metro And Stalker-Inspired FPS Pioner Shows First Look At Combat

Post-apocalyptic survival game Pioner has a brand-new trailer showcasing its combat systems and weapon modifications.

Pioner is the debut project from GFA Games Studio with heavy inspiration from Metro, Stalker, and Escape From Tarkov. The game was officially unveiled a few weeks ago and is currently in the pre-alpha stage, but this new video gives us an in-depth look at the game’s combat systems and character controls.

The devs decided to “stray away from slow and clunky movement” often used in other traditional survival games in favour of a classic, speedy FPS flow. The same concepts go for other parts of Pioner, from inventory management to weapon usage, in the hopes that you can quickly adapt and jump straight into the action.

The Pioner team wanted to give the players “many possibilities without over-complicated game mechanics”. If you have FPS experience under your belt, you’ll feel at home in Pioner as soon as you get your first gun.

Speaking of weapons, there will be plenty of options to choose from, and almost every gun can be modified in different ways with a handy attachment system. Some weapons or rare mods can even be crafted from scrap and wreckage all around you. Increasing your magazine size or weapon accuracy in Pioner should be an easy task.

In Pioner’s lore, a large-scale anomaly resulted in new breeds of mutants occupying the isolated island. To effectively fight them, you can use energy artefacts as your weapon modifications. These attachments dramatically change your gun, making it more effective against the monsters, but making them almost useless against regular humans. To compete against both enemy types, you’ll need to quicky swap between attachments.

Pioner is not just an open-world shooter, but a survival MMOFPS, meaning it will likely have more in common with Escape From Tarkov and The Day Before rather than single-player games like Metro Exodus, Stalker 2, or Atomic Heart. The Soviet post-apocalyptic setting is clearly experiencing a surge of popularity among Eastern European developers. Pioner is currently expected to launch in some form on PC in Q1 2022.

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