Minecraft Player Creates Intricate Build Inspired By Bloodborne’s Yharnam

The player known as Potomy has apparently spent four months working on a Minecraft build based on the structures found across Yharnam in Bloodborne and the results are incredibly impressive. The buildings featured include the Astral Clocktower, Iosefka's Clinic, and the Cathedral Ward Gate. The project is currently ongoing, but Potomy has plans to release the content as a downloadable map at some point in the very near future.

“Seeing things like this makes me feel two things, one a sense of pride in what others are able to imagine and create, but also a feeling of hatred towards myself because I know that I will never live up to what these incredible people can do,” a user on Reddit going by the name of ChuffedToBits remarked about the build. “This is an amazing build and I wish you love, luck, and fortune for your future.”

Potomy has yet to release the content for public consumption, but the player has published a series of timelapse videos on YouTube which illustrate their process of production. The user claimed to have spent 76 hours on the build earlier this year, meaning that if they managed to maintain their pace, well over 100 hours would have now been sunk into the project. Potomy explained to PC Gamer during a recent interview that all of their efforts are currently aimed at producing an adventure map with a focus on combat.

This comes in the wake of numerous Minecraft builds, each one more impressive than the last. The user on Reddit known as Miksu23 for example recently revealed how they used Minecraft to recreate every city in The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. “They're all finally complete with some extra structures such as Cloud Ruler Temple,” Miksu23 noted. The custom content is currently available as a free download.

Similar to Miksu23, someone going by the name of DawnArchi on the same social media platform recreated the entirety of Teyvat from Genshin Impact. “The map includes the most recognizable settings and buildings in Genshin Impact,” DawnArchi pointed out. “I wonder how many of them you can recognize!” The player noted that many of the structures have “more than ten days of work behind them.”

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