Minecraft Wild Update release time, date: When is Minecraft 1.19 out? Early patch notes

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Minecraft Wild Update is almost here, with version 1.19 of the hit game launching soon. The next big Minecraft download is out on Tuesday June 7 but an exact release time has not yet been confirmed. Judging by past launches the Minecraft Wild Update could drop between 3pm and 9pm BST.

The major new Minecraft update, which was announced at Minecraft Live 2021, will add new biomes, mobs and blocks to Minecraft.

The patch will be available to download for the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android and  Windows.

It will also be available for the Minecraft: Java Edition on Windows,  macOS and Linux.

In the run-up to the Wild Update launch the Minecraft Twitter account posted: “New places, new friends, and new adventures are just one day away! #TheWildUpdate”.

While elsewhere the makers of Minecraft outlined what fans can expect from the huge new update.

If you’re looking for early patch notes, here’s what to expect from the Minecraft Wild Update…


The Overworld is getting two brand new biomes – the deep dark and the mangrove swamp. The deep dark lies far below the surface. To get there, find the base of a cave and start digging (not straight) down. Keep your eyes but mainly your ears peeled. One of the many remarkable things about this biome is how silent it is. That is, until you set off a shrieker. Don’t worry, the name is misleading! If you trigger it, you can expect sweet nothings to be whispered into your ears. Dear reader, I am lying again! If you set off a shrieker, you have until the fourth shriek to get out of there unless you want to come face to face with the only mob that dwells in the deep dark. But before you go, don’t forget to use silk touch to mine some of the other forms of sculk blocks that are only found in this very scary biome.

If horror isn’t your cup of tea, why not retreat to the safety of the mangrove swamp? Unless you hate trees with big roots. In which case, you might want to move on because these swamps are full of just that, namely mangrove trees. As majestic as they are magnificent, they aren’t just decorative but also bring a new type of wood to build with alongside the new mud block! You can craft this natural resource using two of my favorite things: dirt and water. Speaking of water, if you want to head out on a big body of it, you can set sail in a boat with a chest! Fill it with whatever your expedition calls for, whether it’s adventure gear, exploration supplies, or all the cakes you can carry.

This update also brings three new mobs! Are you ready to meet the warden? I’m not! But for those that want to tackle a challenge unlike any they’ve ever seen, you will find this creature in the deep dark. Stealth is the key to getting out of there in one piece, so stay sneaky!

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