Minecraft’s YouTube Views Reach One Trillion, 129 Times The Population

Minecraft has passed another major milestone. No, it's not releasing another edition or another expansion or a version that lets you play Minecraft on your bidet. Minecraft has now exceeded 1 trillion views on YouTube.

A trillion is a number so vast that it's sort of hard to parse, but it's typically only belted out to describe astronomical units of measurement (like how many miles it is between here and Alpha Centauri, which is 25 trillion) or the world's total GDP (which is around $80 trillion). YouTube also has a few interesting metrics to make this vast amount of content even remotely understandable, like how it represents 30,000 years of viewing time.

Yes, you’d be dead many times over before even watching 1% of the Minecraft content out there. That’s a lot of Minecraft videos.

And it’s not just long plays and speed runs either. Minecraft has created so many different subgenres that it can be almost as hard to keep track of them. YouTube has a handy graph that breaks things down by category and reveals most Minecraft content falls under “Animation” or the dubiously-named “Minecraft, But…,” which seems to be a catchall for anything that isn’t easily categorized.

But let's try anyway. There are roleplay videos, parodies, full survival multiplayer videos, speed runs, 100-day plays, ASMR long plays, cottage core build videos, cozy core chill videos, and even Minecraft porn. But uh, YouTube doesn't count those since they're not hosted on its platform. If they did, those trillion views would probably be a lot higher.

YouTube released a video showcasing the biggest names in Minecraft, including Sky Does Everything, Stampylonghead, DanTDM, Mikecrack, Aphmau, Prestonplayz, Invictor, and many, many more. Each of these names has billions of views alone, proving that Minecraft is an extremely good game for content creators.

It took eight years for Minecraft to reach 500 billion views, but only two years to break 1 trillion. At this rate, next year Minecraft will hit 2 trillion, and it shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

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