Mobile MMO Warhammer: Odyssey Soft Launches On iOS And Android

Warhammer: Odyssey is officially available around the globe after releasing in select regions last December. Virtual Realms’ mobile MMO will see continuous changes in the coming months, as it works to balance classes and add more content.

Several improvements and additions were made to Odyssey prior to its global launch. This includes two new maps – Wasteland and Marienburg Suid – along with an increased level cap. Warhammer: Odyssey was first introduced in 2019, promising to bring an authentic MMO experience to the mobile platform.

To that end, Odyssey does not feature any sort of Auto-Play mechanics. You’ll also have 6 classes and 12 specializations to choose from, each with its own skills and playstyles. Throughout the journey, you’ll encounter iconic characters from the Warhammer universe, who will team up with you and your friends to face powerful foes.

Despite being part of the wildly popular Warhammer franchise, Odyssey has been surprisingly quiet over the years. Marketing for the new title is virtually non-existent, with the game accruing only a small following on social media. Odyssey looks like a surprisingly faithful MMO recreation of the Warhammer universe, and we’re hopeful the game can survive in a crowded marketplace – Black Desert Mobile, Old School RuneScape, and the upcoming Blade & Soul Revolution all pose a very real threat to the latest Warhammer adventure.

Warhammer: Odyssey is now available for free on iOS and Android.

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