Modder Lets You Summon Elden Ring Legend ‘Let Me Solo Her’

Elden Ring is a pretty special game, but as is the case with most Souls games, it is also notoriously difficult. Just hearing that may well have put a lot of people off even giving Elden Ring a try, but it really shouldn't. If you're ever in a bind, particularly when it comes to taking down a tricky boss, there are tools at your disposal. Even if some Elden Ring players claim you aren't playing the game properly by using them.

Ignore those people and use all of the tools Elden Ring has to offer. That's why they're there. Whether it be summoning an NPC spirit to help you out, or calling on a fellow player. Doing the latter could result in someone like Let Me Solo Her coming to your aid. The player, who wears nothing but a pot on their head and a pair of underpants to keep them PG, rose to Elden Ring fame recently when they were summoned by a player and made short work of the game's toughest boss, Malenia.

The only problem with summoning a fellow player to help you out is you never know who you're going to get. You could get a dual katana-wielding hero like Let Me Solo Her, or you might get someone who is absolutely useless. The only way you can ensure you get exactly what you need is by summoning a spirit, and thanks to this handy new mod, you can now summon the spirit form of Let Me Solo Her.

Modder Garden of Eyes has turned The Lands Betweens' pot wearing icon into a summonable Elden Ring spirit. The mod replaces the Lone Wolf Ashes summon near the start of the game, and you can see it in action via the demonstration video above. Be warned if you haven't yet completed Elden Ring, the video does feature a few spoilers.

There are a couple of caveats. Even though the NPC version of Let Me Solo Her can be seen dealing siginificant damage to Malenia, nothing is going to compare to the real thing. The mod also isn't a free one. The virutal version of Let Me Solo Her is locked behind a Patreon and will cost you $5 a month should you want to summon it. Definitely worth it if you need the spirit to help you out in The Lands Between, as the odds of summoning the real one are slim to none.

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