Modern Warfare 2 Players Are Completely Split On The Santa Seña Border Crossing Map

One of Modern Warfare 2's new maps, Santa Seña Border Crossing, is splitting the community in half, with some praising its unique design and others calling it one of the worst maps in Call of Duty history.

Modern Warfare 2 just launched fully a few days ago with the addition of its multiplayer component a week after the single-player campaign was released. Although reception to the game is mostly positive so far, there have been numerous issues, including in-game systems not working properly, the menus being difficult to navigate, and a lack of crossplay options for Xbox and PC players.

Surprisingly, one of the biggest problems that players seem to have with Modern Warfare 2 so far isn't anything to do with the game mechanics themselves. Rather, it's all centred around one notorious 6v6 map – Santa Seña Border Crossing. This small map takes place on a blocked highway that's absolutely filled with cars, acting as both a challenge to manoeuvre around and a potential explosive for you and your enemies to use against each other.

Thanks to the map being full of parked, sometimes explosive cars, matches in Santa Seña Border Crossing tend to either be focused on one long hallway to the side of cars, or just have a bunch of players climbing, jumping, and shooting on top of vehicles. It goes without saying, but it's a pretty unique map as far as Call of Duty goes, which has completely split the community.

On the one hand, some players are praising it for being one of the more interesting maps in the game and having a unique layout, one that allows for more dynamic firefights thanks to its three-lane layout and multiple purposes for all of the parked cars. There are certainly a few defenders of the map out there, although they seem to be in the minority on this one.

There's a lot of hate for Santa Seña Border Crossing out there, with several big Call of Duty players getting in on the memes and community hatred for the map, such as OpTic Di3seL, who tweeted, "Dear, Santa Seña Border Crossing map designer. Why? Sincerely, Everyone".

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