Modern Warfare ‘Outback’ Proceeds Will Go Towards Australia Fire Relief

With the goal of assisting with the unprecedented fire catastrophe in Australia, developer Infinity Ward has pledged that it will be donating 100% of Activision’s net proceeds from the sale of the Outback Relief pack in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The move comes after calls on social media over the past week from the game community asking earnings from the in-game item, originally called the Outback bundle, to go towards the much-needed relief as a result of bush fires across the country. The newly named Outback Relief pack includes the Bushranger operator skin, a blueprint for the Sniper Rifle Charlie weapon, a charm of a Koala bear, a unique finishing move, and other cosmetics, and can be acquired for what amounts to about $20 of in-game currency.

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The promotion is live now and will continue until January 31, though when considering the impact and long-running nature of the fires in Australia, it could last longer. The fires in Australia began around the middle of 2019 and have been progressively worse with each passing day.

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Since September, the fires have claimed nearly 18 million acres of the country, and twenty-seven people have lost their lives. Nearly 2,000 homes have been destroyed and countless families have been displaced.

The cause of the bush fires can be attributed to several factors. The high temperatures of the summer have been linked to climate change, while a severe drought has left conditions ripe for fire.

Fundraising efforts are growing by the day, with other organizations and influential people looking to help.

There is much to be done, both now and after the fires are finally out. Those who are interested in helping beyond purchasing Modern Warfare’s Outback Relief pack can do so several ways, including donating to the World Wildlife Fund, Australian Red Cross, and Country Fire Service Foundation.

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