Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 Is Being Revealed Today – Watch The Announcement Stream Here

Monster Hunter Rise is getting yet another massive update. It wasn’t long ago that MH Rise 2.0 launched and gave us four brand new monsters to hunt, in addition to dozens of weapons and items to prepare for. Now, MHR 3.0 is on the horizon, and will likely launch very soon indeed.

Monster Hunter Rise launched to huge success earlier this year, selling over six million units as of a month ago, meaning that it’s entirely possible that Capcom are looking at closer to seven million units sold at this point.

In our review of Monster Hunter Rise, we said: “You might actually like Rise better than World, as it brings back some of the strategic variety while building on more recent quality-of-life updates. It’s a shame that the Switch holds the game back in small ways, but this is a contender for best in the series. If post-launch support is as good as it was for World, this game could easily rise above the rest.”

Now we’re finally getting a good look at what we can expect from that post-launch support, and while Capcom is doing an amazing job of making dedicated hunters feel spoiled thus far, there’s much more that can be done. Hopefully we’ll be seeing exactly what more can be done today during Capcom’s big Monster Hunter Digital Event.

This event won’t just cover Monster Hunter Rise, though. It’ll also cover the upcoming Monster Hunter Stories 2, which is a turn-based JRPG sequel to Monster Hunter Stories, which definitely looks gorgeous.

Today’s Monster Hunter Digital Event will debut at 7am PDT, or 3pm BST, and will go live on the Monster Hunter Twitch channel and YouTube. There will be a live stream, though we do not currently have a link to the stream location. The stream will be embedded into this page when available.

Here’s where you can watch the Monster Hunter Digital Event:

  • YouTube
  • Twitch

Make sure to check back on TheGamer after the digital event for all of the hot takes and information breakdowns you need.

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