Monster Hunter Rise: All The Differences Between Hub And Village Quests

Monster Hunter Rise is packed with quests. For a game that has such a simple concept – kill monster, upgrade equipment, kill bigger monster – you’ll be missing out on a lot of great rewards and variety if you don’t interact with the questing systems.

Being the first time the series has come to the Switch, newcomers may find that the types of quests available might not make much sense. Split between hub and village quests, understanding the difference will make your hunts much more efficient. Here are all the differences you need to know.

The Different Types Of Monster Hunter Quest

There are two types of quests you’ll see once you get into Monster Hunter Rise; hub and village quests. Each has its own progression to work through, as well as unique challenges and rewards to get. They are also differently tuned to favor single or multiplayer experiences.

Ideally, you’ll want to work through both of them, but the names alone don’t really indicate how they are different and when you should do which type. Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Hub Quests?

Hub quests are multiplayer hunts first and foremost. They don’t technically require you to team up with any other hunters, but it is highly encouraged since these quests send you on a hunt that’s generally more difficult and tuned to a multiplayer experience.

How much harder they will depend not only on the quest but also on how many players are in your party. The more hunters, the harder the quest will become. Thankfully this difficulty adjustment is dynamic and scales on the fly, so if you start a hunt with three people and someone drops out, the game will get a bit easier to compensate.

Where To Pick Up Hub Quests

You can pick up hub quests from Minoto at the Gathering Hub on the West side of Kamura Village. You’ll also have a unique Hunter Rank for hub quests that will go up as you complete the Key Quests.

What Are Village Quests?

Village quests are what you’ll probably focus on primarily. These are essentially the single-player quests, or story missions to use the term loosely.

These are restricted to being played alone and are intended to help guide you through the game.

Where Can I Find Village Quests?

Village quests are taken on by speaking to Hinoa in Kamura Village and will also reward you with a distinct Hunter Rank for these types of quests as you complete the Key Quests.

Hunter Ranks

Both hub and village quests have their own unique Hunter Ranks. If you only focus on doing village quests for too long the difference between your two ranks can get too big. However, there is a solution.

  • You can get a Special License Test that will allow you to automatically raise your hub rank up by one.

While it isn’t ideal, it’s a good way to help you move through both ranks, even if you don’t have friends to complete hub quests with.

In general, hub quests are best to do when looking for drops that come from big, tough monsters while village quests can be taken slower and allow you to gather up other resources around the map. You’ll need both to be a master hunter, so grab a meal, sharpen your blade, and get hunting.

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