Monster Hunter Rise: How To Mark Gathering Nodes On Your Map For Fast Farming

Monster Hunter Rise has dozens of different materials to find, and they can be found in patches of mushrooms, junk, cacti, mining outcrops, beehives, and all manner of different plants. You could easily spend your 50 minutes in any given mission just collecting items, if you so wished.

But if you know what you’re looking for, there’s a much better way. Your in-game map in Monster Hunter Rise actually features the ability to pinpoint exactly where you can find nodes for all kinds of plants, mining outcrops, and even insects. If you’re in search of something specific it can actually be quite easy, assuming you’re the right Hunter Rank, and you’re in the right area.

In this guide we’re going to explain some of the map functions in more detail so you can easily understand how to pinpoint items in Monster Hunter Rise, making farming for ore, insects, and plants much easier. Just read on below for everything you need to know.

How To Swap To The Detailed Map View

If you’re specifically out and hunting in order to find and farm items, then the detailed map view makes everything much easier.

All you have to do is pause the game and go into the Options menu, and you’ll find “HUD Map Type” under Game Settings. Changing it to Detailed will zoom the minimap in the corner of the screen way in, which can feel like too much at first, but it handily paints all marked Gathering points on the map, making it more legible and easier to collect everything you need.

If you do miss the old, larger map, you can view it at any point by bringing up the pause menu. The Detailed map is great if you’re out to farm items, but not so great if your focus is on hunting.

How To Mark Gathering Nodes On The Map

Open up the map screen from your pause menu, and here you’ll be able to see your full map, complete with monster movements. If you are out to just gather as much as possible, you can press L and R to cycle through different kinds of map markers, including small monsters and gathering points. Set it to Gathering and you’ll be able to see every single kind of gathering node in the area – which can be very overwhelming without the Detailed map view.

But if you’re looking for something specific, you don’t need that map view. Instead press the X button to bring up the Icon List, and here you will be able to mark something specific. Go over to the two materials columns – each of which has a second page that may hold the icon you’re looking for. Select any item, and all of the locations of that node will appear on the map. This is especially useful when farming for ore like Dragonite, Machalite, or Icium, as they will only appear from specific types of node, and you’ll want to save time and go directly to where you need.

Marking your nodes on your map will make Gathering important, specific resources much easier, and you can easily do this alongside your most recent hunt quest.

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