Monster Hunter Rise: Where To Get Firestone

Firestone is a rare material in Monster Hunter Rise that can be difficult to find, especially in the early game. However, finding it becomes a less exhausting task in the mid-to-late game. When it comes to crafting weapons and armors, Firestone is one of the most used and essential resources.

In this guide, we have mentioned the best mining spots for Firestone and a simple route to follow while you are out in the field.

Best Location To Get Firestone

Unlike other rare materials in Monster Hunter Rise, Firestone cannot be found everywhere in the world and can only be found at Lava Cavern. If you are in a High-level quest or a high-level expedition, the Firestorm has a very high chance of dropping at almost all the mining spots. We have pointed out all the areas in Lava Cavern where you are guaranteed to get your hands on some Firestorm in low-ranking and high-ranking expeditions or quests.

  1. Just near the mountain wall, you will have to climb down from the hill to find it.
  2. Climb up to the mountain and make your way straight to it.
  3. Use the Great Wire Bug near location 2 to cross the lava river and head straight to find location 3.
  4. Jump from the side, which will land you on one of the ledges. Now keep jumping from ledge to ledge to climb down. There are approximately 3-4 nodes there on different edges.
  5. Use Upwelling Wind and use wire bug to get on the circular ledge that has two mining nodes.
  6. You will see a tunnel, get off your ride and get inside the tunnel. You will see the node right there.
  7. After mining from location 6, use the wire bug to climb from ledge to ledge, and when you are at the top, you will see a tunnel leading outside. Go inside the tunnel and keep moving forward till you are out. You will find the mining nodes on your left.
  8. After mining from the two nodes at location 7, find ledges to keep climbing up. There are approximately 5-8 mining nodes on your way to the top.
  9. Once you reach the ledge at the very top, there will be an exit cave. Go through there, jump down and head straight for location 9.

Tips To Increase Firestone Mining

Here are a few valuable tips that you should implement in your run while you are on the path of mining Firestone in Monster Hunter Rise.

  • Instead of chasing individual locations, follow our mining route from number to number to save time.
  • Use Geologist Decoration as it helps you to gather one extra time from the mining outpost.
  • If you are on a low-level expedition or quest, then your best bet is the white mining nodes since they are most likely to drop Firestorm. However, on the other hand, if you're in a high-level quest or expedition, you will get Firestorm from both blue and white mining nodes.

Quests That Reward Firestone

There are a few Quests in Monster Hunter Rise that have a chance of rewarding you, Firestone. They are:

  1. Getting Back the Groceries.
  2. So Hot, It Melts Iron.
  3. THE BEST Quest.

The Firestone is not a crucial resource in the early game. So, unless you are acquiring this material for something important, investing time in finding it is a bad idea. Once you start unlocking high-level quests, gathering Firestone becomes much easier, and it is most needed by then as well.

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