Most People Hold Controllers The Same Way, The Wrong Way

Gaming is a deeply personal hobby and passion to many people. There are countless ways to play and enjoy video games, with no correct way to do so. There is, however, a correct way to hold a controller, and barely any of you heathens seem to care.

A ResetEra poll sparked a heated discussion where players debated how they hold their controllers. The question was: Index or middle finger on the trigger? That's the R2 button for PlayStation fans. the results (at the time of writing) are 300 for index finger and just 29 for middle finger. This is unacceptable.

92.1 percent of you hold a controller in the most inefficient way possible – using just your index finger for both the trigger and bumper. Why? You could use both buttons at the same time, without having to move a digit between them if you simply let the light into your heart and use both your middle and index fingers like a reasonable person.

Many players in the thread acknowledge that while they default to the index-only method, some frenetic games do cause them to tag in their middle finger too. So, what they're admitting is it's the best way, they're just too lazy to use it all the time.

The OP posed the question to try and prove themselves right, as they thought it was weird their friend only used their index finger. Clearly, they are in the right, but the masses disagree. "What the fuck y'all stop i am being gaslit," they pleaded, to no avail.

What the poll didn't account for is the claw grip -shown on the featured image at the top of the article. This grip is commonly used when playing Soulsborne games, as it allows you to dodge and attack with minimum delay. It's especially useful for bosses when you're locked on to a single enemy, as it also frees up your thumb, meaning you can light and heavy attack, and roll/use items with relative ease.

The index-only grip is wrong, and you should feel bad for using it.

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