Most Players Suck At GTFO (And The Developers Love It)

GTFO has been nominated for the 2020 Steam Award of Best Game That You Suck At, a prestigious title that celebrates 2020’s most difficult games. This year’s quintet couldn’t be any more different, with battle royale baby Apex Legends, Pope-consuming dynasty simulator Crusader Kings 3, cyborg ninja parkour simulator Ghostrunner, and loot box simulator FIFA 21 competing against GTFO for the top spot.

What might give GTFO the nod is just how ludicrously difficult the game is. Swedish developer 10 Chambers Collective has recently shared some stats for GTFO’s first full year of early access on Steam, and the numbers are not at all encouraging.

Of the hundreds of thousands of players that have picked up GTFO this year, only 0.541% have completed GTFO’s first Rundown. For those who still haven’t given GTFO a try, a Rundown is sort of like a seasonal campaign consisting of multiple expeditions down into The Complex, a vast underground labyrinth filled with deadly mutants that want nothing more than to have a nice human snack.

That number gets even smaller when we look at GTFO’s second Rundown, titled “Infection,” with less than 0.1% of players completing all expeditions. For Rundown three, “The Vessel,” that number sits at 0.324%, and Rundown four, “Contact,” is again less than 0.1%.

”We dug even deeper to find out how many have completed all Expeditions in all Rundowns. The number is less than one in 10 000! Even though GTFO is indeed challenging and not for everyone, our community of hardcore gamers is putting it to the test, and they love it so much they keep coming back for more,” boasts 10 Chambers communications director Robin Björkell. ”I think these numbers prove GTFO is indeed The Best Game You Suck At in 2020.”

A few more sobering GTFO numbers: 91.18% of all expeditions fail, with the lowest survival rate being Infections first expedition at just 1.4%. And that’s despite players applying 15,481,694 medkits and over 600,000 typing “help” into terminals out of pure desperation.

You can vote for GTFO in The Steam Awards now, and the game is 20% off until January 5th in honor of its nomination.

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